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Default Pentax k-x batteries

Hey all, any of you out there have a k-x, what batteries are you using. Im currently using some recharable 2000nh batteries. but there dying in an hour or 2, leading to me to believe there not the 2k power they say. although the live view screen i use for macro does eat alot of power.

im looking at using recharables, but anyone found any goodens?
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Welcome to the wild wonderful world of rechargables. Unfortunately, it's not that simple. You need a good conditioning charger, MAHA makes them, the Kx firmware that fixes the battery meter and good batteries. I use Rayovac hybrids, but people have reported excellent results from Enelops. With the firmware and conditioned batteries I get over 1,100 shots a charge (that's just pictures with no live view or movie). Note that even on red in the meter, I get several hundred more shots. You'll have to test what your camera can do.
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I too use a Maha charger and eneloops, and can usually get close to 800 shots with the K-M.
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I have a K100 and had good use out of a set of Rayovac hybrids. They've gotten old and I was using the charger that came with them, rather than something like the Maha which will charge each battery separately, and they aren't holding the charge as well. So I've switched to Sanyo Eneloops, but I haven't used them enough yet to know how this new set-up (bought a Maha charger at the same time) will do. The Maha charger showed that each set had one battery that was weaker than the others - at some point I'll separate the weak ones out and put together a good set, perhaps.

Definitely make sure you've upgraded the firmware since the original firmware didn't handle battery life indication very well.
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sanyo eneloop is what my brother use, and it is good for 700 shots with a mix of flash uses. Low discharge is the way to go.
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K200D here. However I use the Sony Eneloop and Maha Charger here also
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