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Default More new software testing

I'm still playing around with a couple of Nik Software plug-ins and discovering just how much I use layer masks normally. I've found a couple of ways of working around them in PSE, but it's not as elegant and much harder to correct mistakes.

Here's another shot that I took yesterday, first processed using Viveza:

Then I did another layer that I processed with Nik's Silver Efex (which does black and white conversions). But I liked the bright sign, so I copied it on a separate layer and changed the blending mode to color, it gave the picture a very different look:

I wonder if this movie will earn enough to cover the cost of the premiere? The set-up was extensive (though the Transformers movies were bigger).

Then I decided to play around with some pictures I took last summer in Bodie, to see if I could get a new look to one that I particularly liked, but felt I hadn't done the best job of processing. So I came up with this:

I'm really happy with how this one came out, I had tried regular color, b&w and sepia but they were "almost".

The computer store verified that they've had to replace the logic board again and so my computer will be in the shop for a few more days. I haven't decided if that's good or not - I probably won't download the trial version of Nik's software onto my computer and I've been having fun with it. I'm afraid I may decide that I just can't do without one or more of them and that I can't afford right now (there's my other half's iPad to get first).
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Really like #2 - just leaving in the red wave length always looks cool to me !

I also like #3 a lot. I've seen a few 'industrial' shots that have been given a strong HDR effect (compared to your 'mild' version) and Wow they look good, could you try that on #3 with your layers ?
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Wow that industrial shot is superb!

Love the desaturated second shot as well.
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No. 2 is definitely a keeper! Great job at composition and technical aspects of the photo.
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Nice job masking, don't know if I would have kept the red runway.

Nr3 is magnificent.

You still have to check Color Efex, ( liked that most of the plugins)


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Ronny - I thought about the red runway when I was working on the shot but thought to keep it simple so didn't. Thinking about it now, it would have added more context and story-telling to leave it in. I may go back and re-do it.

I briefly looked at Color Efex and didn't quite "get it". I looked at a number of the video lessons last night and they did some amazing things with it. However, when I tried it with my own shots, I again just didn't quite "get it". I'll have to play with it more to see if I can get it to sink in how to utilize it appropriately.

My computer is now back home so I think I'll download the Nik software trials on it. Unlike Topaz Lab's trial you don't need to give them an email or unlock the software for the trial, so the 15 days would start over again. That would be very nice as our available fun-money just got spent for my hubby's new toy (tit for tat), an iPad. That's a very cool item, I can see why they are selling so well. No, I am NOT going to get one - there's at least one more lens and perhaps one of the Nik software plug-ins I want more.
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Harriet, your comments make me assume you have not added layer mask capability to PSE.....use this link.


Long before I got CS4, I was routinely using layer masks in PSE.

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