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Thanks you all,

GW, I never regretted getting these small lenses.

Tachikoma, I've been using these 'macro filters' for some while now and I never understood why people where telling me that macro filters are bad, until a few years back I got some of those 'real single lens' macro filters. Those raynox dcr things "2-group/3-element, Coated optical glass elements" are so far above the rest.
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Originally Posted by Tachikoma View Post

Yeah very impressed by this, and to be honest it's cheap enough not to really worry about, even if the results weren't this good.

The Raynox 150 + 250 have got excellent reputations. Supposedly (I have the 250 and never notice) the shots they produce are soft at the edges but with the DoF we're talking about (slightly less than just using a dedicated Macro lenses) that's really a non-issue !

The beauty of the Raynox's is that you can carry them in your pocket and then (pretty much no matter which lens you have on your camera - although the Raynox's don't play nicely with all lenses) just pop it on if you see something that peaks your macro nerve, to convert the lens you're using into a macro lense ! They work really well on my CZJ 135, although a tight fit on a 49mm filter lens they will still fit (the spring loaded adapter is made for 52 - 67mm filter threads) - getting it off is more of an issue ! Alternatively a step down ring will solve the problem. The Raynox itself has a 43mm thread.

Sorry I've edited this ... I got mixed up, I use ext tubes with the Tamron 70-300 for good results - NOT the Raynox 250 which would cause vignetting !

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Yeah I had one of those single lens macro filters on my old Fuji S5600 and it didn't really do anything, might still have it somewere... wonder what it will do on the Tamron as it's the same filter size... might have a play with that tonight assuming I can find it.
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Ronny - some really fine photos - amazing capture of all the details!
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