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Originally Posted by rhermans View Post
My eye's cant either, but when you've got something that doesn't run away you can try again.
I normally try to focus as close as possible take a picture check the result, then defocus a bit (2 of the focus ring) take another and look at the preview to check my focus, and that in both directions until I know where the focus range is and I start shooting, ever so slightly turning the focus direction from above focus to below focus (or visa versa).

I end up with to many shots but thats better than not having the ones in focus that you want.

The complete range for this shot was 23pictures, 9 to see where the focus range was, a resulting stack of 14, with 4 to far away and 10 usefull shots.

Now those 10 could be turned to 4 without loosing any quality in the result, but that would mean more pixel peeping and just letting the software sort them out is easier.

For insects you can try the same method but they have to stay put.
Changing the focusring doesn't work here. (your hand going near the lens will scare a lot of insects). So I try to change the focus distance but most of the time I don't have a tripod with me so it's a lot of try and error.
Thanks for the tips, will give it a try next time I find something other than a half dead rhododendron during my lunchtime walks.
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Outstanding job Ronny!

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Originally Posted by Trojansoc View Post
Tremendous macro work, Ronny. However, the first shot....before going in close...is stunning. Lighting is just perfect...colors are striking....and details are sharp.

Agreed on both points - and stunning is the only way to describe that first one.
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What everyone else said. Yep - awesome, unreal shots. Love the first one, too.
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