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Many excellent images, Harriet but that very first IR shot is outstanding. The variety of trees and foliage made the IR effect work beautifully. Great job!

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The mood of that 1st photo is just outstanding!
Amazing detail in the bee and the water drops.
Those plants in #5 & 6 - great texture and composition. They look a lot like our Wild False Hellebore, but that is an eastern species...
Some great work from someone who says she's not feeling inspired!!
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Originally Posted by bilybianca View Post
Harriet, you keep delivering POTD quality pictures like the water runs in Rio Amazonas.

I second that. Particularly the 1st one which pops out of the monitor. Real gem

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Thanks for the complements, I'm amazed at how many people singled out the first IR. I had hesitated about posting it - while I liked it, I thought it was more because I had been struggling so much with the whole IR thing and using it effectively and this was the first one I liked. Thought perhaps it wasn't as good as I thought, simply because I've been struggling for a while. Thank you for letting me know that it really is a good picture (I do lose perspective on my own stuff so easily, either thinking something is good when its not, or more likely thinking something is lousy when it's really good).

Mole - thank you for helping me identify the plants in 5 and 6 - they are related to your wild false hellebore. They are Veratrum californicum, California false hellebore or corn lily. It's native to mountain meadows, the exact environment I found it, and is poisonous.
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I've not one for IR, but that 1st shot I really like. The framing, the forms, the lighting is just amazing.

Your bee shot is awesome.

And I love your water droplets. It is really mesmerizing.

Take care,
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