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GW - Thanks! She was a very cooperative teneral Slaty Skimmer!

Pboerger - Thanks so much! I am indeed blessed to live & work in a very lovely corner of the earth!

Frogfish - Thanks for your very kind words! Glad you enjoyed these.

Mackloon - All taken with Pentax K-M (same as K2000). Lenses used in these shots include: DA 16-45, Sigma 105 macro, Sigma 70-300 "semi-macro."

Ronny - Thanks! There are several beetles in the Scarab group that go by "May Beetle" or "June Bug." We see mostly the small brown "may beetles," and these big greenish "june bugs."

Glen - Thanks so much! That milkweed beetle sure did pose in a good spot! By the way, the bright red color is a warning that these guys (like most things that eat milkweed leaves) are very bad-tasting. Most predators won't touch them!

Tullio - Thanks so much - so glad you enjoyed these!

Ned - You are too kind! Our mt skies remind me of some of your lake skies...

Vole - Thank you so much for taking the time to give all these very helpful & specific comments! I took A LOT of shots of the "gray's lily with habitat" composition, and will have to look through the rest to see if I got one with both lighting and composition "done right!"
Those June Bugs sure do look clumsy - and they sure are...
Oh, and glad your friends enjoyed these too!

Harriet - Thanks so much! Roan is indeed an amazing place - geologically much like the Smoky Mts, but not nearly so well known or heavily visited. Also lots more open bald habitats. You'll have to come visit sometime (on your way to or from Chattanooga to see Vole!!)

Ira - So nice to "see" you back at the forums again! Thanks so much for your kind comments!

Penolta - Really cute edit. Thanks!
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A fantastic series, as usual from you Mole.
The Gray's Lily, what's it's scientific name? Do you know if it's grown commercially and available for sale at nurserys? It's a wonderful flower!

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Kjell - Thanks for your very kind words.

To answer your question (sorry to take so long, have been away from electronics for about a week...) - Gray's Lily is Lilium grayi. Here it is on the USDA website:

I don't think it is grown commercially anywhere, but you can probably find a close relative - Lilium canadense.
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