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Jelpee, I loved the tour! great photos too.

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Thanks all for your comments...please see below for some individual response.

Originally Posted by shoturtle View Post
Thanks for the tours, I am trying to decide on where to go for Dec. Sri Lanka can to mine along with Bali.
Thanks ST. Best time to visit SL on the east cost is between June and August or else the northwest monsouns will ruin your stay (rain and the beach is very rough). I'd also try the Maldive Islands (about 40 minutes flight from SL)..spectacular (I hear) for snorkeling and diving. Am already planning a visit

Originally Posted by Frogfish View Post
Very nice Jelpee - enjoyed seeing those and look forward to more from your travels.
Thanks FF! I came home with 800+ images. Should have more to post this week.

Originally Posted by rhermans View Post
Great views, the first and the beach debris are my fav.


Thanks Ronny...the beach was among the finest that I have experienced (other visits have been in the West Indies).

Originally Posted by Chesslanka View Post
Hi Jelpee , Im really sad we couldnt get to meet, But I was so busy with this new job . If you had come a month earlier we would have got many chances

I see that you captured some very nice snapshots, which shows that you had a fun trip!!!

Love all the shots and its nice to see the beautiful beaches of some places that even I havent been to yet
CL: Yes, too bad we could not get together...lovely spot that you get to call home!

Originally Posted by nhmom View Post
Jehan, These are beautiful. I will use these with my meditation as a place to picture myself. One of the mediations I've been doing has beach waves as the background. This will be perfect.

Looks like you picked a great place to spend two weeks.

Patty..thanks! Glad my pictures can be of some help...I feel honored. The spot was a great one to vacation at. The big question now is how do I top this for 2011

Originally Posted by Black Knight View Post
Hi Jay

Looks like a great place to visit. My favorite Shots are the Sunrise and beach debris. You know, i envy anyone that gets up that early to photograph the sunrise. I have wanted to do it on all our cruises and just could not drag myself out of bed early enough!!

Thanks Phil. We decided to try the Indian Ocean this year rather than the Caribbean and it was a pleasant change of venue. The hopitality in SL was the best I've experienced at any resort...period. St. Lucia last year was fantastic, but Sri Lanka earned the top spot this year. My family and I were treated like royalty.

Re. the sunrise, fret not...the sun came up at about 5:45 AM and I was usually awake at that time anyway. We had a beachfront chalet and all I did was step out on to the patio.

Originally Posted by mtngal View Post
Wonderful shots! Another friend of mine went to Sri Lanka on vacation and loved it, so you are the second person I know who have highly recommended it. It looks like a wonderful spot - I could sure enjoy spending a few hours on that beach.

Thanks Mntgal. Small world that you had heard about a SL vacation from someone else! As I mentioned above, the beach was fabulous...mostly because it was quiet and desolate and free from commercial activity such as para sailing, banana boat rides, beach vendors, etc. The most we say were village fishermen who cast and hauled their nets in several times a day (I'll post images of that later). On any day, there were no more than 10 people using the beach! While it is quite a long way for us :Cincinnati-->Chicago-->Abu Dhabi--->Sri Lanka) to get there (22 hours flying), it was worth the trip!

Originally Posted by Goldwinger View Post
Jelpee, I loved the tour! great photos too.
Thanks GW...best part was no tar balls on the beach
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awesome sunrise!!
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Nice series, makes me really want to get away... I love the sunrise.
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Great pictures particularly the stunning sunrise. Love them all. Looks like you had a real relaxing vacation, unlike mine that was go, go, go, from sun up to well into the night.

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Great series - especially enjoyed the sunrise & the boardwalk, but all are excellent!
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what a beautiful place
very peaceful looking
what a great place to relax
my kind of place, far from the crowds
you really caught the sereneness in your photos
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Very nice tour, I like the sunrise, I have never shot one, Sorry to say that being retired that part of the world will be out of reach for me so it's nice to see

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