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Mole, my wife, and son and I have been "vacationing" in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge since 1983, and have enjoyed immensely your travelogues, which bring back many good memories. Thanks for that.
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Wow great series, I agree last shot is a gem


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Hey Mole,
I just finished hooking up my monitor with a DVI-HDMI cable and the boost in IQ is surprising. Your images are always great but, these are just stunning!

And that cabin is very familiar!

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Old Jul 14, 2010, 4:54 PM   #14
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Excellent shots, Mole.

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Old Jul 14, 2010, 5:01 PM   #15
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Great series as ever, normally I wouldn't dare to pick a fav, but that caterpillar looks like its made out of jade, and can't help it ... is my fav.

Thanks for posting

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Old Jul 14, 2010, 7:15 PM   #16
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I am still amazed (and somewhat jealous) at the variety of butterflies you have - you keep coming up with "new" ones, and so well photographed!
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Lou - Always busy, especially this time of year! Thanks for your kind words!

Frogfish - Thanks! Actually a bluish-green bee. A fairly common species here, very small - I think it's one of the leafcutter bees.

Hawgwild - glad to be able to add to your fine store of memories. Hope to see you "out on the trail" here someday...

Hans - Thanks so much. It's a very frequently photographed cabin (John Oliver Cabin) in Cades Cove. Just trying for a little different view...

GW - Thanks for the video test! They probably look better than on my little 12" laptop monitor!

Tullio - Thanks so much!

Ronny - That sure was one amazingly fat caterpillar - probably just about ready to form its cocoon. Will make a beautiful big moth...

Penolta - So glad you enjoy them. I have certainly enjoyed your amazing and varied butterfly photos as well. Perhaps you can come east sometime, and visit with our lepidopteran fauna...
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