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Well, when you say, work. That depends on what flash you have and what you need it to do. For example, I have an older Pentax AF-500FTZ flash. I have tested it and the voltage is safe to use on camera. But, it only works in manual mode, meaning no pttl metering. I can set it for various fractions of discharge such as 1/8- 1/4- 1/2- 3/4 or full power. Another nice feature is I can use it as a remote off camera flash and trigger it with a sync cord or via the camera's wireless remote system. It also has a full tilt and swivel head. Its a nice, powerful flash to have as a second unit and you can pick them up for a lot less than say an AF-540FGZ or AF-360FGZ or even an AF-200FG.
prices for these on line (in US dollars) are $385- $225- $120 respectively.
You can pick up an AF-500 usually for $100 or less.
Sigma makes another popular flash for Pentax. two actually. the EF-530 DG Super and EF-530 ST $220 and $150 respectively.
As mentioned earlier, Metz is another very good flash made for Pentax but, I know little about them cept they have a good reputation.

Some important things to keep in mind when comparing units.
Guide number, higher is better but, when comparing, make sure you compare at the same focal length. A rating of GN100 at 50mm is the same as GN100 at 100mm. Also make sure you are comparing meters to meters and not meters to feet. some manufactures give both, some don't.
note: higher GN usually is reflected in higher price when all else is equal...

Also, check the features, such as bounce/swivel head,
some have one and not the other, some have neither.
Auto focus assist.
LCD read out screen.
Auto shutoff.
High speed sync
Wireless compatible
Second curtain sync
Auto zoom head. ... etc, etc.

Note: the more features, the higher the price.
Another point, you get what you pay for and it worth it if you need it.
My first purchase after I got my camera was the AF-540 and I've never regretted it.
The same goes for a good tripod too.

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Speaking of low light. Attended a wedding a few days ago and below is a shot of the photographers rig for the indoor reception. The camera is attached to the framework that allows it to be turned to any angle or position. I have never seen a flash quite like this, but worked wonders even in the mutlicolored dance floor lights. Taken with a Kx, Tamron 18-250 at ISO 4000. Not bad for this decent light, but utter failure on the dance floor.
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Nice shot to the photographer's rig !

Michael - note the diffuser on the end of the flash.
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