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Old Jul 27, 2010, 11:51 AM   #11
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Beautiful series, Im guessing the 16-45 were the latter shots of that sub series?

Thanks for sharing!
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A lovely series! I'll have to look at this series when I get home, on a decent monitor. Looking at your comparison shots on this lousy monitor, there's a definite change in color between the two lenses. On this uncalibrated, fairly sorry monitor the second one looks more accurate but I'll defer to my home monitor (with its connected Spyder).

For your tall meadow rue - my first response was to prefer the second one. However, the more I looked at them both, the more I liked the first one better. I like the idea of the second one better, but the oof background lights are a bit too light compared to the flower. And I rather like the included leaves in the first one, the play with the dof is quite pleasing to me (something unusual for me to say - I normally like all of the leaves in focus, so go figure). It looks like a wonderful spot and I sure envy you your green. I'm tired of brown already, and there's a lot of summer still to get through.
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Originally Posted by mole View Post

Have often heard that nature photographers concentrate on the very close details, and on the broad landscape, but often miss or neglect the middle-range scenes. So wanted to try out that middle range at one of my favorite places.

Lots of great photos, Mole!!! This forest shot, though, well, I can relate to it... I am surrounded by trees... It is true that there is a lot of beauty IN the forest, if one can just capture it ok... rather than just taking a picture from outside the forest.
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That fringed orchid is amazing - why is the Raynox cheating? It made for great shots.

I like the toadstools, too! Now, if you placed a toad on one, that would be cheating!
If life brings you lemons, you can make lemonade.
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Beautiful series, Mole!
The 16-45 really brings out the rich color in shots 3&4 of the second series.

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Default tripod?

I'm betting you used a tripod for the slower shots. Or did you just brace on a rock or tree? My question would be, if you did, doesn't taking it off the pack, attaching it to the camera and putting it back became "too much work"? Is there an easy way? Sometimes I cart around my monopod and I just collapse it and carry it that way. Still too big tho.
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Old Jul 28, 2010, 9:23 PM   #17
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i am glad you cheated. i love the close up yellow fringed orchid!! but, i think that the second little waterfall is my favorite of this series. possibly because of the composition, the way you captured the water meandering through those huge rocks, or possibly just because i really miss this kind of thing, and it makes me really want to go hiking in a place like sam's creek right now.
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Old Jul 28, 2010, 9:24 PM   #18
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ps- that first tree photo is also superb.
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Old Jul 29, 2010, 11:46 AM   #19
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Ahhh, more lovely photos to occupy my time.

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Old Jul 29, 2010, 8:09 PM   #20
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Hans - Thank you for your kind words! Will look forward to seeing the great photos you get out of your old lens!

NMR - Yes, the last two views (the ones that include a bit of "buzzard rock" itself) were the 16-45.

Harriet - Thanks so much for your very helpful and specific comments. Yes, I also noticed the color difference. Part of it was operator error - I should have turned up the EV a bit for the old lens - it seems that manual lenses often underexpose on my K-M. Because I forgot this adjustment, had to adjust the photo instead, and probably lost some color as a result. (A good excuse to go back there again soon!) Thanks also for your kind & helpful words about the meadow rue. Sure do hope your green returns soon!

Ned - Thanks! It is indeed a challenge to capture the mood of the forest, from within or from without. You have shown us some excellent ones!

Penolta - Thanks so much! Will have to perch a toad on one soon!! I just called it "cheating" because my goal was to keep to the "native" range of the lens, but I couldn't resist the macro of a rather uncommon flower.

GW - Thanks! So glad you enjoyed these. (see my note to Harriet above about the color difference...) You'll have to add Rocky Fork to your itinerary for your next TN visit!

Frank - Leaning against a tree or rock sometimes works for me, but not while also trying to hold leashes of two very frisky dogs! They've learned that, when the tripod comes out, they might as well get ready to sit still for a few minutes! I keep a small Manfrotto 785B tripod in my daypack, and just take it out when needed. It does slow down the hike, so I probably miss a lot of good shots due to my impatience and wanting to keep hiking. But it does result in better shots, when I take the time to use it!

Vole - Thank you so much for your, as always, specific, kind & helpful comments! Is there any water at North Chickamauga Creek these days? Hope to see you here, or maybe down at Sam's Creek, one of these days soon!

Patty - Thanks so much! Hope & pray that the time is passing smoothly.
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