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I still have a Brownie! and just 10 yrs younger than Goldwinger!
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Nice. I like the pearls in the wrought iron frame. I'm glad to see someone else did this. About a year ago we were in an antique store and I, too, asked if I could photograph things. It was fun.


p.s. Forgot to wish you a happy birthday, John. Hope you had a good one.
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Old Aug 11, 2010, 7:57 PM   #13
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Vole - Another impressive & imaginative series! Love the subdued "antique-y" color, and the diversity of arrangements. The mannequin is an especially fascinating story!

My first camera was a Brownie Hawkeye - I even had the "external flash unit" that took flashbulbs! Got some nice photos with it too...

PS to GW - Happy Birthday!!
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Old Aug 13, 2010, 6:46 PM   #14
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mtngal: thanks, i appreciate your comments!

frogfish: thanks! i love the way that pearls seem to attract light, so that's what i was trying to capture with those photos. i'm glad that you like them!

tacticdesigns: thanks! yeah, that manikin was actually behind another employees only screen, but i was curious so i snuck a peek back there, and was glad i had!

Sharpshotgal: yes, and it is alot cooler inside in the air conditioning : )

Goldwinger: happy birthday!! i was quite intrigued by the brownie, but didn't end up picking it up to play with it because of the huge price! (if i had broken it, i probably would have had to give them my KM in trade!!) but, i am glad that you like my pictures, thanks!

Patty: thanks, i am glad that you like it! yes, it was alot of fun wandering this store with a camera. (the building used to be a knitting mill, so it is huge, with lots of corners to put stuff in. fun to explore)

vole: thank you! i really appreciate your opinion. do you still have any of the photos that you took with the brownie? i would like to see them if you do!!
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Old Aug 14, 2010, 12:11 PM   #15
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I too had that exact Brownie when I was a kid. Don't ask.
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Old Aug 19, 2010, 4:25 AM   #16
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Hey, I know I'm late posting this, but I really like this photos. Both of the pearl pictures are captivating for different reasons- the glow/light in the one; and then the lines of the frame and the necklace in the other, really hold the eye. For some reason I also like the one of the lady in the lace... yes, she is kinda "creepy looking" as you say, but there is something in how you took the picture that makes her seem kinda wistful or something.

I couldn't add much to what other people have said, this was a really cool idea for pictures and you really got some good ones.
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Old Aug 19, 2010, 7:27 AM   #17
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Great shots and interesting subject matter.

The mannequin picture reminded me of my youth. My father was a window decorator in a large department store in Boston. When my mother would take me in town to shop and if my father spotted us approaching, he would grab a female mannequin and begin dancing with her to tease my mother.

Nice series of unusual shots!

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Old Sep 7, 2010, 9:24 PM   #18
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Bluie: and i was even later in noticing but, thanks for your comments! and, yes, although i find manikins a bit creepy, some of that is their human-ness, and therefore i was trying to capture a bit of that quality with them.
Lou: thanks! i love the story as well, thanks for sharing with me!
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