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Originally Posted by mole View Post
(I think I have too many lenses!!)
The only problem with too many lenses is that you can't take them all along with you, and you can't always anticipate which ones you will need - either the more you have, the more likely it is that you will take the wrong ones, or you stick with a favorite and never use the ones in the closet!!

They sure are stripping the leaves. Surprisingly, these caterpillars don't seem to cause much damage to the milkweed plants,althought hey may strip one or two plants. There are usually a lot on one plant, and none elsewhere in the patch.
That would depend on the size of the patch. When you have only a few plants in your yard, as we do, the monarch caterpillars themselves can strip them of their leaves. Our problem now is that the adults keep laying eggs, but the abundant wasps harvest the caterpillars when they are still small and we are left with leafless milkweeds and no caterpillars mature to pupate!
If life brings you lemons, you can make lemonade.

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Enjoyed them all! Well done, indeed. The last shot of the 3 falls, really beautiful... The close ups of the butterfly and snails, really spot on... can really appreciate looking at them up close. Many thanks for sharing this.

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Lou - We have none of those species here (as far as I know) - sound interesting! I will have to look them up, or hope you will find & photograph them soon.

Penolta - Just checked, and I have 10 lenses. 4 or 5 are used a lot, others rarely...
Sorry to hear of your parasitic wasp problem. Hope at least a few survive & pupate!

Ned - Thanks for your kind & encouraging words. So glad you enjoyed these!
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gorgeous set as always mole.

i really love the mountaintop shots and the nice little waterfall.
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