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Great series and a stunning looking place.

I don't think you've overdone any of them.
  1. really like this one, comp and lighting
  2. because I haven't calibrated my work monitors yet this one is for me to much the same as the previous so where from I'm looking at them they are the same.
  3. don't really have a spot to focus on (imho) - less than the first shots
  4. this is giving me to much grass in the front and doesn't show the rocks enough
  5. like this one, only the tree in the first shots is better looking
  6. you took this one from a higher pos as the first ones, what makes that those rocks look a bit less impressive, still great shot
  7. real low angle, a bit to low for the top of the picture
  8. This looks more like the rocks are just thrown on top of each other doesn't give the same special look as all of the above.

So again great shots, thanks for showing me this wonderful place


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Ronny: the firs two are the same photo for some reason, don't know how it happened. Thanks for your comments.

Th: if I could convice my wife that a new camera is essential to our existence I would get K-x, but I had some trouble with accepting new lens as it is . We'll see at Christmas time.

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Hi all,
I note several members have commented on the unusual landscape ... It's known as limestone pavement usually formed by weather and glacial action, and many rare examples of plants can be found in the shelter of the cracks and crevices.
This habitat is now protected by law in the UK, it was once ripped up for sale in the construction of garden rockeries and water features etc. the remaining landscape was a waste after such action, hence the laws to prevent further devastation (a couple of links below). There are a few conservation societies for this sort of area.
Excellent shots Greg, they display well the features of this unique landscape, I hope the above comments add interest to your post. ... Jack


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What an interesting landscape, and well photographed.

That last photo IMO is the best of the lot, and is plenty good enough as it is. Whether this is at or near sunrise or sunset at high latitude, the effect is the same, and I may be overly influenced by coastal California sunsets over windswept trees and rocky shorelines, but I envision a subtly different reality. If you don't mind, I tried a little tweaking of my own - the low angle of the sun casts shadows in the rocky terrain that could be accentuated somewhat and the light from the low sun could be muted a bit. I see no distortion, but the horizon line could be straightened a little. All minor changes, but see what you think. I used HDRtist and sharpened a little in PSE6. (done at a middle brightness setting on my iMad monitor and on the forum dark theme background.)

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