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Originally Posted by bluenose View Post
Again, an excellent series of images, the last one is incredible. I am impressed at how you manage all of your park duties and still have the time to post all of the images that you do. Certainly encouragement for people like myself to get out there and capture the beauty that is around us all.

Everything Bluenose said ! Wow Mole !
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NMR - Thanks for your kind words! I've enjoyed your macros, etc too!

Dustin - Thanks so much! The last shot was more luck than skill, or maybe just being in the right place at the right time!

Jim - I am indeed blessed with a great place to work. But I'm sure your factory did much to serve many people!

Bluenose - Glad to be a bit of encouragement! As far as my time management, I think it's called arriving at work too early and leaving too late!

Lou - Thanks so much! That old Pentax A 70-210 F4 is a great butterfly lens, especially for these big ones!

TH - Thanks for your kind, helpful & specific comments. I do avoid flash if possible, although am not convinced it harms animal eyes. But all I have is the built-in flash, and results are usually a bit artificial looking. In the case of the caterpillars, it was just too dark to get a decent photo otherwise... And I'm sure my flash did much less damage than all those parasites on his back!

GW - Glad to hear it! Will look forward to seeing them!

DAL - Thanks so much. Glad you enjoyed this "lucky accident!"

Frogfish - Thanks for your very kind words!
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Inspirational? I dunno. It is downright daunting!

Saving the best for last - that final shot is a killer! Like an airplane coming in for a landing and looming large - makes that Giant Swallowtail really look like a giant.

Of all the pictures that have been posted on these forums, this one has got to be the one I most wished I had taken myself (however, I might not have cropped it quite so closely on the sides)!
If life brings you lemons, you can make lemonade.

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Magnificent macros Mole, the caterpillar with visitors is stunning. And I'm jealous of your butterfly in flight


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This series is just awesome! I've been busy and so haven't been looking at closely to others threads. I'm SO glad I didn't miss this one - what a treat to see them! It's truly one of your best series, they just blew me away!
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I had a sense of the sound of Family Affair when I came to the last shot.. Great one there for sure! Same to all the rest but that last one on in a millon!
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Penolta - So glad you liked the Giant Swallowtail. Yes, there should have been a bit more room on either side of the wings, but I couldn't get the butterfly to pose a second time!! Have been back to the same location several times this past week, but no sign of the swallowtail...

Ronny - Thanks so much!

Harriet - It sure is tough to keep up with all the great & diverse photos here lately. Glad you enjoyed these!

SharpShotGal - Thanks! Last shot was a very happy accident
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