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Welcome Osnap, I also came from the old Pentax world (ME super & Super Program) with several lenses and accessories. Then spent the last 10+ years using Canon P&S Digitals currently SD990 15mp with manual controls.
I Purchased a K2000 and Tamron 70-300 and leveraged my old equipment bag, tripod lenses etc…
My point in responding to your post is I am having hard time leaving the world of P&S behind. My P&S can do most things my dslr can and the image quality is on par.
My K2000 usage had been limited to the long telephoto shots of grandkids, sports and wildlife. I also bring out the Pentax after sunset and use my old manual 50 f1.7 at the camp fire. I seem to limit the K2000 to the shots I can’t get with a P&S.
I can’t get past the convenience of having a high quality camera on my belt and my camera bag sits in the car or stays at home. Most my shots are still with the P&S.

...It is better to burn a roll of film than curse the darkness. Equip. K30, Q7, DA PLM 55-300, DA 18-135, DA 35 f2.4, DA 50 f1.8, SMC-M 28 f3.5, SMC M 50 f1.4, Canon P&S S100 w/CHDK Beta, Panasonic DMC-GM5, Flickr:
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Thanks everyone for the welcome words and advice. I've enjoyed reading everyone's posts and am looking forward to a positive experience in the world of DSLR. I've put off this purchase for 10 years, always defaulting to P&S's for the convenience of other family members. Now they all have their P&S's and I can get the camera I've wanted. I can't imagine wanting to use the P&S all the time, as everytime I pick up the P&S, I wish I was holding a DSLR. Camera envy?

Thanks again,
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Evening Osnap,

Welcome to the Forum! I think that you are already experiencing the friendliness of the Pentax crowd here. It only gets better with time.

You have already received quite a bit of wonderful advice here. I can only add a small bit.

The KX is a wonderful camera and should server you very well. I have forgotten the specifics, but - I believe that there is a way to extend the Pentax warranty for an additional couple of years for a small fee.
Filters - I too am in the no UV filter camp, but however have acquired a polarizing and neutral density filter for two of my favorite lenses. For landscape sky shots with a lens shorter than about 24-28mm (wide angle), the lens tends to be too wide and the polarizing filter will be applied unevenly across the sky, providing results that some folks do not like.

Bags - Its really a personal preference in terms of what works best for you. I tend to do a lot of business traveling, so I use a backpack with a lower lens area, that has room for a laptop. Reasonably compact - works well for me. A lowepro Compudaypack.

SD Cards - You cant go wrong with SanDisk, but I would also add Transend, PQI, and Patriot also. Class 6 or 133x has worked well for me. I would recommend NOT buying off of ebay as fakes abound. A good on line retailer B&H, etc, or a computer retailer Fry's Electronics or Newegg, etc always has excellent prices.

Batteries - In my K100, I have just used the Energizer eČ Photo Lithium batteries. Other folks use the AA rechargeable - and I forget offhand what they are recommending - its just slipped my mind - Enloops - is what I was trying to remember...

I really do not think that you need a lot to get started.

Tripods - Many will disagree with me, but I got a new plastic tripod off of ebay years ago for 7 cents - and $7 shipping, years ago. I used it some, then after a couple of years more and more, and then it fell apart. I also learned what I liked and worked for me, and what I hated. Then, when I needed a new one, I knew what to look for. I would take a look at Craigslist for something that is reasonable first. Many say that this approach is a waste of money, for me - it saved quite a lot - although what I have now I invested quite a bit in.

Questions - Just ask, often, and post pictures. The folks here are very friendly, and will offer constructive suggestions.

Also, do not be too surprised that you may initially get better images from your P&S. I takes some time for the learning curve on a dSLR, plus the P&S are very good for what they do. The large increase in image quality will come in areas where P&S do not excel - low light shots, and areas where specialty lenses work best.

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just to add something that has not been mention yet. If you are getting the kit lens, or kit lenses. You may want to lens hoods for them. The are helpful with flares.

You can find the knock off on ebay of the pentax oem ones for about 1/3 the price.
Super Frequent Flyer, no joke. Ex Patriot and loving it.
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