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Default First Pic

k-x arrived yesterday. I didn't have much time last night to play, but today after work I messed around a little bit. This is only of the first shots from the new camera. I am not a trained photographer and thought this looked pretty good. This picture was hand held and I was really just messing around with depth of field. I would love to get some feedback, what you may have been thinking about while taking this picture, what I could have done differently.


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Ok... I'm guessing there is a way to get the picture to show up in the post. I looked in FAQ but it restricted me to 1024 in any direction and a max file size of 253.9 kb. How does everyone put the pictures in there posts and get a quality looking image? I've scaled back the photo to 1024 in width and it doesn't look anything like what I've seen posted.

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Welcome to the forums!
Would love to see your photo, but it's not showing up for me...
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Welcome to the site William - you'll find everyone here very friendly & helpful, I hope !

Sorry but your shot isn't loading and if we follow back to Snapfish they want us to register before we can see it ! Not going to happen !

I can recommend either setting up a Flikr account to store your shots or using a service such as www.tinypic.com who are ready good and quick !

Or of course just upload via the site (hit 'Go Advanced' and then 'Manage Attachments' - which will then open a new tab/window for you to upload your shots).

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Hey Osnap,
yes, posting a good quality photo on the forum can be a little intimidating at first but, once you get use to it, its a piece of cake. Most of us use a image hosting site that allows us to upload a good quality image to that site and has options to let you link an image to the forum without loosing IQ. there are several that are free, one of the best is Zinfolio. You can get a free account with limited storage space or, for $40 a year, you get unlimited storage and you can upload image files as large as 12mg. and it also serves as a safe place to back-up all your image files for safe keeping. They also provide a way to sell your photos if you want to.
This is my method of madness for how I manage my images. First, this is just a matter of personal preference, but, it work well for me. I start off taking all my photos in the RAW format in order to get and retain the best IQ for editing and resizing and printing. When I open my images I use camera raw and make certain edits there ( such as white balance, and color/contrast sharping etc.) in order to get the best results with limited deterioration of the image. Then I save that image as a Tiff file. No compression. That gives me the best format to do the rest of my editing in Photoshop. I always do some editing no matter how nice the image looks, even if its simply resizing the image to 8X12 and reducing the resolution to 200pix.
I still save it as a Tiff file. That will change the original file size from 45mb to 11.4mb or there abouts. It also lets me print a nice quality image at 8X12 if I want to print and frame one. I also keep my original raw images on my hard drive and on DVD back up disk. Anyway, the edited photos that I want to upload are ready and are the proper size. after posting them on my Zinfolio site, I can choose from several sizes to post on the forum. I found the second from the largest is the perfect size for the forum. They show at a good size and IQ for viewing here on the forum. What I have to do to share them is navigate to the preview mode then click on a photo and it takes you the next viewing page with one large window and a bunch of thumbnail images, after clicking the image you want to share it will open it the larger window. Then you left click on it and a pop up window opens up. choose the size file you want by leftt click to high light the text in the box, then a right click to copy. Now, you open your forum page where you want to post the photo.
You already know how to start a thread so, when you do that, all that's left is putting the photo in there. Well, that's simple. see the little icons on the top row of the message box? the blue and white icon with the black frame around it? click on that and you get a pop up where you simply paste the code you copied from your Zinfolio site and walla, you have your photo on the forum! It's not as hard as it sounds once you get the hang of it.
If you have any problems give me a shout and I'll walk you through it.

Life's a breeze on a Goldwing...
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I think I'm one of the few people here who don't have an on-line account. Yes, my hard drive is very full, but I keep my photos on my home computer (and back up to external hard drives and DVDs). When I want to post a photo, I open it up in Photoshop Elements 6, and reduce the image size to 800 pixels on the long side. I then use the "save as" option in order not to change the original size of the image. PSE 6 allows several quality choices; I find that a setting of 7 makes a very clean image that averages 150 KB in size. Then when I post on this forum, I up load the image using the "manage attachments" button. I just browse to the image, and click "upload."

So as you can see, there are several ways to post an image on these forums.
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mtnman, I do the same thing with similar results from pse7. I too do not have an online photo storing site account. I dont have problem witht he idea its just one of those things I hvent done.
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