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I don't think I can add anything that hasn't already been said. I never had the K1o; I went from the K100 straight to the K20, and I was blown away by the improvement. As others have said, the jump from the K10 to the K20 probably isn't as dramatic, but the K20 is a great camera and if you need one now, I wouldn't hesitate. If you can find a K20 for less than $800, great, but they're a lot more scarce now than they were a year ago, just after the K7 was introduced.
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yeah i was actually going to be sellin my K20d most likely to buy a K7, considering I can pretty much sell my K20 for as much or more used as I bought it new, Ive poked around for a few deals online and found the K7 body as low as 750 on forum used. Its temptin me everyday to make the swap
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I expect everyone thought I had passed away, but I am still here, although not very often.

Just my 2 on the K10 and K20D, I have both and the K20 is much better at higher ISO noise wise, but then so was my DS.

I personally find the CCD sensor in the K10 to be much more forgiving if I have to pull detail out of the shadows than the CMOS sensor in the K20, even though in good light the K20 has more detail.

I would wait until the new camera from Pentax comes out before I decided what to do, if I were you, although the K20 is a good camera, but they can be found for less than $800.

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