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Default Just a thought

No pics just a thought. Sometimes I think that a person could drive themselves silly if they tried to keep up with every advance in technology. I have an ist DL and a Kx. I have never truly exausted the capability of the DL nor am I likely to with the Kx.
I just read about the new super camera that canon is working on 60 frmes per second with a resolution several time greater than 1080p. Even though this is a video camera those same capabilities are coming eventually to still cams. When will a guy get to enjoy actually taking and making images if he worries that his own equipment is slipping into obselescence?! As i am out shooting and enjoying my camera and the weather I can feel my camera litteraly falling behind the pack in my hands.
Now I dont really worry about such things to the point of biting my nails or anything but it does make one wonder when or if imaging tech will ever reach its limit. But until then I will continue to happily snap away!
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It's like a car. How many people buy a car before the old one breaks down? For some people, part of the enjoyment is the ability to have a new toy/tool. Doesn't mean the old one isn't capable - just that there's a psychological aspect as well. Just like a new car.
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While it is true that new technology offers the opportunity to explore new avenues of expression, there is no need to upgrade equipment unless it offers something you feel you would use. If present equipment meets your needs and desires, don't worry about what others have. No one can look at a good photo and tell what camera was used to take it!
If life brings you lemons, you can make lemonade.

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Originally Posted by penolta View Post
No one can look at a good photo and tell what camera was used to take it!
Spot on!

I still drag out my Pentax K1000 and 1930's folding camera's every now and then, even though I have a K7, there's something refreshing about having to work at a photo and make every frame of film count.

I was thinking the other day about putting the Tamron 90mm on my K1000 and trying some old-school film macro photo's
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I think Mole is a testament to what can be done with modest equipment. I continue to be impressed by the stunning images he posts here with his Kx and some used glass!
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LOL, I can't agree more. I have always been one who would like to have the latest and greatest of anything that happen to be into, weather its computers, cameras or electronics. But, for me my "wants" are tempered by my finances much more than my
actual desire to own it. I'm only happy with what I have because I can't afford to up-grade... yet.

I did up-grade to the latest version of Photoshop though, it was more of need than a want, I'll post a quick review of what I think of it and why I had to get it, in a new thread shortly.

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New doesn't always mean better - I still happily use my K100 and it still takes great pictures. And it does something the K7 can't do - it can record reflected IR. And its got low noise, less than the K10 did and somewhat less than the K7.

Will I buy one of the new cameras that Pentax is reputed to be putting out this year? So far I'm doing well resisting any urge to upgrade. But that might not last long once the cameras come out...
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When I upgraded from the DL to the Kx It was mainly for the fact I went from 6.1 to 12.4 mega pixels. It does alot of other cool stuff too. It also has a vastly better focus system than the DL. Another really big reason for me was that I got it for just a bit more than 500 dollars with a kit lens when it was just a few months on the market.
The way I see it computers are an even worse tech trap. Many folks would consider it a terrible burden to use the computer I use every day. Its an IBM NEVISTA Pentium 4 2.4 gig processor with 1 gig of ram. It has a 40 gig hard drive. I get along with it just fine. Sure the relatively large image files from my kx load slowly compared with newer machines but hey its much faster than that wildly fast 400mhz machine I had a few years ago. And I got it for only 37 bucks on ebay post paid.
Oh well to each his own. I see alot of good work in this forum and others here at steves. More importantly I see folks having alot of fun.
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I started out with the *istDL and though it's still a great little camera, I felt I needed to move up to the higher end model so I bought a K20D when they were heading out the door with the K7 arrival. I sold the DL to my sister and I'm glad because it's a great starter and I can help her out with learning some of it's tricks. I wouldn't mind some of the little extras that the K7 has to offer, but I can't really see myself seriously considering an upgrade at this point. I plan to use the K20D for a long time. When I went to Hawk Creek recently for their Wild Photo Day, I was the only person there shooting Pentax, made me feel different but I wouldn't trade it in for the world. Yeah, I could hear the faster FPS of those canons and nikons, but I've also been trying to shoot better in one shot rather than spray and pray. Yes, it's a lot harder to get the perfect shot going for it one shot at a time, but the autofocus and burst shooting of the K20D just isn't as fast as those others, and I'm fine with that. Most of what I shoot doesn't need to be a spray and pray shot. This may be the digital age, but I remind myself that if this was film, would I be firing off a million shots hoping for just one or two that are keepers? I've been resolving to try and get the shot I want in the fewest amount of shots as I can. At least with digital I can still throw away a bunch that don't turn out and I'm not losing anything but I'm at the same time advancing my skills in learning how to shoot. I don't need the most advanced camera to do that. The *istDL would have been just fine as well. At this point, I'd rather invest the money in a great lens.
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I cannot forsee myself upgrading from the Kx, it just does everything I want it to do. Five FPS, superb high ISO and ease of use. The only thing that would get me to buy a new camera would be one of the new breeds that has significantly reduced or non-existent mirror slap sound for work in theaters and meetings where it can be annoying to the audience. That camera, however, would have to be a LOT better than the Kx to justify the expense of changing systems and from the PEN to the NEX to the GH series, that just isn't true. The new Sony system looks really interesting. Give me that one Pentax and you might have a sale.

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