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Default New K-x will be here tomorrow

I have ordered the Pentax K-x two lens kit from B&H and it will be here tomorrow. I have read a lot of nice reviews and feel that it will make a great first DSLR. I had Minolta film SLRs back in the 70's and 80's but all my digitals have been point and shoot. I was ready to order the Panasonic FZ100 but for a few $$ more I can have a DSLR. Please be patient with me for I am sure I will ask a lot of questions.

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I too am new to the forum. I got my k-x last week and have a very similar background as yourself. Everyone here has been absolutely great and very helpful. I am still figuring out the k-x and am having a great time doing so. Have a great time with the k-x.

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Welcome! Don't be afraid to ask questions - chances are one or more of us asked those questions when we were new. And as you've probably noticed, we love pictures so please post some when you get the camera.

You might want to check the firmware that comes in the camera - there was a significant release not that long after the camera was released - it had to do with how the camera handles batteries. You might want to download the latest version from the Pentax website so you'll be ready to install it when it comes. Make sure you use new batteries and follow the instructions (it's not hard).
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mtngal - I chatted with Pentax customer service and they told me how to determine which release was loaded in the camera. I would imagine that I will need to install the new firmware update. The instructions appear to be easy to follow but sometimes those are the hardest. I hope to make friends here do a lot of posting.

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Ex Clerk, welcome to the forum. I look forward to seeing your photos, as I'm sure all the others here do. I was nervous about doing my first firmware upgrade, but once I plucked up my courage, discovered it was ridiculously easy. And I learned of that firmware update for my old K100, because Mtngal mentioned it here. I would not have known if not for the generosity of the people on this forum.
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Welcome to the forum Kenny and congrats on buying a superb camera ! DSLRs take a little bit more getting used to but with your experience I'm sure it'll be a doddle.

Firmware - do be careful. I'm not sure if there was a problem with my downloaded version but although I followed the instructions to the letter my K7 wouldn't accept the new firmware and gave me a few heart attacks until I'd got it working normally again - I still haven't plucked up the courage to give it another go because if it damages the current firmware installation then I'll have to send the camera off for repair .... and living in China that means off to Japan !

My best advice is to do some research on the Kx thru this forum. You'll find lots of threads addressing all the questions you were about to ask
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Ex Clerk, wellcome to the forum.

I update mine the same day I received from B&H, and did not have a problem at all.

This is the best Pentax forum in the web. everyone will go as far as they can to help you in this long journey.

P.S. I just took my second steep , but with everyone's help, a really enjoyable trip
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Hello, and welcome to the forum, Kenny.
I think you'll enjoy your new camera. looking forward to seeing your photos.

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Welcome Kenny! Looking forward to seeing some of your great work with your new camera!
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