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Lovely berries. I love the color. Purple is my favorite.

And, the otters are great. That's one of my signons on the net. One of my favorite exhibits at aquariums is the otters. Nicely captured.

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thanks guys, unfortunately where i live the only place to see them is in captivity. I sure did catch them at a good time tho as they posed for me for about ten minutes before getting tired and wandering off for naps, hiding on the rocks! what a life eh?
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Really nice captures of a nearly perfectly synchronized trio. Great yawn, but it spoiled the symmetry.

Anybody notice the feet on these otters? No claws, no visible webs. These are probably Cape (African) Clawless Otters, Aonyx capensis. Supposedly they do a lot of grubbing in the stream bottoms for invertebrates, which may explain why they have such hand-like paws.

(do otters nest? lair?shack up for the night?)
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