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Default A Question?

Many of us here on Steves fully remember shooting film and getting what we got when we got that fim developed. The idea of a digital slr or digital film for a film slr was only a dream. I for one was never able to afford my own dark room. Nor did I have a place to put one. I did howerver try the Daylab 300. Was thrilled to print my own pics. But even that was very limited and I never really did get the hang of it. Such things as push or pull processing were known to me but I could not afford to be wasting film experimenting with them. B&W I liked and did with some success. I never got into using colored filters except a polarizer. The only "tricky" thing I did with film that I was relatively successful at was stereo with a stereo adapter.
Now however I own a camera that is a darkroom unto itself! Color filters at the push of a button. "Film speeds" unheard of when I had a film camera. I can tweak and twist and perfect my shots with more tools at my fingertips than many pro film shooters ever dreamed of. Yet..........When I shoot I still shoot mainly for the "normal" shot. Lighting , content , subject , composition , focus..........all the things that most of us concern ourselves with each time we have a camera in our hands.
I know that all of us here experiment with our photos. Different filters and effects. But almost all the shots we post here are of the "normal" variety.
My question is ,and this is a sincere question, how many people here routinely use and consider indespensible the various frilly things that our modern digital cameras offer us? Such as in camera HDR, toy camera filter, retro filter, double exposure, color filters, etc.........Dont get me wrong I love playing with those things and love the fact that when my boy plays with my camera he says "this camera is way cool".
I know that what all these things included with the camera do is not provide each photographer with his list of favorite tools but rather broaden the camera's appeal to the largest possible group of photographers.
I was just wondering.........................................
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i doubt the enthuiast photographer uses them much but more for the consumer market where they play with effects etc
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Hi Bock1965
I use the Basic camera functions only.
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I like the star filter for night shots - especially Christmas decorations. I have not experimented with HDR but I expect to use it on occasion after I get the hang of it. The color extraction is also a fun filter. I agree with Brock 1965, some are useful features and some are just gimmicks. But, my Pentax K-x would still be a wonderful tool without them.
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I find it quite challenging to take a good "regular" photo. I doubt if I'll try many frilly extra features until I get really good at normal photography -- and I suspect that will be a very long time from now!
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I'll use the in-camera HDR when I have a tripod, but I almost always also take a 5 auto exposure series as well. There have been times when the best choice was the one the camera came up with. I've occasionally use the selective saturation, kind-of fun. I've also used raw + and had the camera set to b&w - useful when I want to get an idea of what I'd get when converting in post processing. I wish the K100 could shoot raw+ because I've been using it to shoot through an IR filter.

Multiple exposures can be fun and creative, but take thought and prior planning to use effectively. I don't use it very often because I find it hard to visualize such things. But it's been interesting when I have.

Most of the other processing the K-7 does in-camera are things I generally ignore, they can be done better with software afterwards. But it can be fun to play around with them when I'm feeling bored or frustrated with my day-to-day world.
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Bock, my opinion of this whole mess is...whether you shoot film or digital, the destination is the same, but the vehicle is totally different. I always shoot for fairly normal results, although I love being able to adjust shadows, highlights, color saturation, etc. Is that cheating? I call it control, way more than we had with film...
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Robert, yes I agree that it is control , and alot more than we had with film indeed.
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Geesh, I'm still trying to learn aV and tV with the thumb wheel.
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One of the things I love about my E-1, and one reason I haven't switched to Pentax yet, is that it has no 'extras' like scene mode or filters. It's just a camera that has replaced film with a sensor. I'd rather pay for a camera with awesome basics than one with lots of frills. Things like scene modes can be replicated if you know what to adjust and you'll learn a lot more about shooting if you have to. As for the rest like filters etc post processing can take care of all that and then some. The only thing I couldn't live w/o anymore is RAW. So to answer your question, no i don't use the frills

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