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Great series Vole
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Hi Vole,

Great series! I attended a Civil War enactment in one of the Chicago Suburbs earlier this year, and as I should have guessed, it was mildly interesting, but nothing like the photo op you attended. The setting was essentially a park that included some of the older houses and buildings in the area, preserved or renovated as they were around the middle of the 1800s. There were a number of reinactors, but no actual battlefields, so it ended up being a series of displays that really weren't suitable for what had been my great vision of creating of faux Civil War shots.

I think that you should try sepia tone and maybe some digital distressing of some of the battle scene shots. You'd be surprised at how this changes the mood of the image.

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Lovely series of photos Vole. I particularly liked the cannon firing sequence.

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I'm so far behind, and just now looking at this thread for the first time. What a fun day, I love your pictures! Brings back memories - when I was a kid I got dragged around to a couple of battlefields. However, I wasn't at all interested and didn't have any background on the war so I was bored and probably made my parents life miserable. Now that I know so much more about the Army and the battles, I'd love to visit some of the places, just to see how the generals placed their troops, how they used (or didn't use) terrain, etc. And your trip sure had lots of photo opportunities.
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Goldwinger: thanks! yes, i don't know who that little boy is, but he was so fascinated by the cannons!
NMRecording: Thanks for your comments. I am glad they made you want to go take your own!
Mole: Thanks! yes, i was very interested in the contrast of the people that were there! my walking companion was very patient as i stopped to take a photo every time that i saw an interesting combination of people! Thanks for your detailed comments, i really appreciate it! I honestly am not sure if that is a crooked horizon line or if it was a hill! i think that most of the battlefield is pretty hilly, but i am not sure.
Frogfish: thanks! yes, i'll have to play with pp soon to try to fix that.
Rhermans: thanks!
Scott: thanks!! The battlefield i was at is i think the largest military park in america, and it has this event every year on the anniversary of the battle (the weekend nearest sept 20) , if you want to plan a trip to get those shots that you were envisioning on your last trip. I will have to try experimenting with these, that does sound like it would be interesting!
Lou: thanks! i think that is my favorite as well.
Mtngal: thanks! yes, i feel like if i had been there when i was younger, i probably would not have been as interested. my friends who grew up here in chattanooga, however, went on trips to the battlefield in elementary school, and apparently the staff at the park are really good at making the history interesting to the younger children.
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