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Default K5 how many upgrading?

Just wondering how many people are seriously thinking about upgrading to the K5?
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seriously thinking about it - hoping for some firmware updaes to help increase number of raw shots it can take before buffer fills

so dropping to 12 bit raws (from 14bit) and shooting at 5fps instead of 7 would at least bring it in line with the k7 almost and hopefully sdxc cards faster write speeds will then clear the buffer faster - if they dont put something in like that.... not sure....shooting birds in flight and even more so airshows i'm always filling the buffer of my k7

then again everything else about the camera is shouting BUY ME - anyway regardless will hang on until the price drops abit rather than being early adopter
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Too expensive for me if it's going to sell at MSRP.

I'll think about it if it sells at where it's rumored to start ($1300 range), but I want to see not only reviews, but sample pictures compared to either or both the K7 and K20.

Right now I'm leaning toward the Kr or Kx. But first I want to do a couple of more tests on my K7 and perhaps send it in. I think it has a problem but I can't put my finger on what's going on.
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Im going to africa hopefully in february or march, but this may get postponed to film a documentary for my friend and my NPO. if it gets too late we have to wait till the following year as the monsoon season will kick into full gear in sierra leone in april till most of the year.

I would like to have the K5 by then for the full HD (im assuming its 1080) so I dont have to carry a huge XL1 and my K20 as well. itd be nice to be able to carry just one camera and my mic setup.

Im still afraid of doing this as my microphone costs 2500.00 plus the cost of the cam + lenses i'd bring... Im seriously wondering about private security and costs, I cant afford to lose any gear at this point

I will of course only snag up the K5 if I can sell my K20 and get it for a relatively low price, Probably cashing in my vacation time to make up difference

we'll have to see what the sale price is around xmas

I didnt realize your concerns with buffer speed til you reiterated in this post. I hope that it improves as well as the speed of it is whats selling me, but if buffer fills that fast, then im failing to see the point. the k5 is still a fraction of the size of the xl1 Id be bringing, and I dont see myself carrying a 2 foot long camera, mic setup, and a dslr around on me. Im hoping it doesnt get postponed either, as we have meetings arranged with several high up politicians.

K5 looks beast!
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Love to have one, but the problem is that the Kx so incredibly good that I don't really need it.
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I will, if reviews don't talk about poor IQ at higher ISOs. I'd need usable 3200 (usable=very low noise and good DR), otherwise I can stick with what I've got.
Then there is the money question. There's no money in the bucket right now, so it will be some time before I have to decide. Hopefully Pentax and the dealers meet me half way with a lowered price.
Anyone interested in paying a lot for a well used K20D?

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There are a number of features that - depending how they actually pan out, may interest me in this new model. Disabling DFS would be a plus, however I would like to hear how its implemented and what the actually results look like. Tethering, I have heard may be in, but probably not is now being confirmed. Better auto focus would certainly be a plus, and ISO 80 is very interesting. I am much more interested in lower ISO than higher. So with ISO 51K, I really do not see it needing to go higher, so - hopefully the next upgrade would maybe consider ISO 25 - my favorite slide film of old.

That said, my K20 is certainly going strong, now that its back from the vets, where they essentially replaced the main boards and sensor. I have another 18 months on the warranty and only had about 7k images on the shutter. There should be plenty of life left it in.

That begs the question - do I need a K5, probably not. Do I want one? Honestly, I am enjoying my K20 just fine. When I upgraded to the K20, I felt a bit bad that possibly I should have stayed with the K100 a bit longer - at least till now. However, I have increased my skill quit a bit and the additional functions and controls, have really made it a much better experience for me. I don't see that large up step up with the K5, so I really do not see that it would be really worth wild. I might feel different in 6 to 8 months, seeing how it actually performs out in the field. If I were interested, I would wait a year, see what the reviews and early adopters say, mull it over quite a bit, see how my K20 is going, flip a coin and sleep on it quite a bit. I will say, that if the K5's replacement drops screwdrive support - I will buy 2 K5s as they end of life for the closet shelf, and that will be my lifetime photography buyout, as I only have screw drive lenses.

So, all in all, right now - probably not, and would certainly not be an early adopter. I might wait till the K9......

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There are two things I find very unsatisfying about the K7 in comparison to Canikon offerings :

1. AF accuracy & speed. The AF in the K7 is at least twice as accurate and faster than the K20D from all reports / reviews and stats I've read. Now the Youtube clip showing the K5's amazing improvement (twice as fast again as the K7) has me almost convinced that Pentax have narrowed that gap so much as to make it almost irrelevant for my type of shooting. A few more reviews of that ilk and I will be convinced.

2. High ISO performance. I chose the K7 & the Pentax system over the D90 and the Nikon system after agonising for months. At times I am not convinced it was the right decision and at others I am sure it was ! Nikon's stellar high ISO performance and the K7's decided very iffy ISO capabilities are one of the reasons for my rare moments of angst. For me with the K7 anything over 800 ISO is virtually out of the question if I want printable keepers - I'd love the ISO performance of the Kx. Now it seems the K5 has an even better sensor and ISO performance has moved way beyond that of the Kx (I think the Kr is similar - they both use the sensor - but the K5 has a slightly better engine).

The Kr interested me as soon as it came out but I didn't want to lose WR. The K5 offers all that and more. If the reviews come anywhere close to my expectations then the K7 will be up for sale in December / January (when I hope the prices have dropped to a reasonable level) and the K5 will replace it in my kit.
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Hi Tony,

I'm in. Probably will wait a bit, until the confusion about the MSRP has settled down. I'd also like to see some demos with production firmware for both AF performance and at all ISO levels -- something concrete and realistic. Any money is too much without some actual testing by a really independent source.

I'll wait for a reasonable amount of time until Pentax USA decides what their final decision on pricing is going to be. I think that Nikon threw them for a loop with the D7000 pricing, and they have to figure out how they are going to respond. I imagine things will get sorted out by Xmas. . .and by then, there will have been a number of pro reviews. . .

For my use, this is a nice upgrade and improves on performance parameters that are useful to me while keeping the same physical interface which will be nice when using the K-7 and K-5 side by side. Virtually all the objections I've heard make no difference for me, the way I use a camera.

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Can't afford it this year with my holiday coming up next month, so will wait for the price to drop, and read some reviews. I don't do a lot of variety with my camera, almost all macro/weird/photo's of my son so high ISO is rarely needed, but the option would be nice. I like night street/architecture photography when I get the chance which is not very often, but will be a big part of my holiday I should think.

Also the improved movie resolution is another selling point, I really would like full manual control as I find the auto ISO is rather annoying when I shoot in variable light. I want to be able to lock it so it doesn't keep suddenly jumping in brightness if something passes in front of the camera (like at school plays and things like that)

Maybe in the new year, my K-7 has dropped by 150 in the 6 months I have owned it, so the K-5 should drop (hopefully) by as much when I am more flush with cash in the new year.
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