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Originally Posted by mole View Post
Of course you have, as always, captured incredibly sharp detail and very accurate color. Even better, a great capture of his/her feeding behavior!

PS - What sparrow species is it?
Thank you Marty - I'm glad for the sensor's ability to capture color accurately! I have others, but they may have to wait until the weekend.

Originally Posted by mtngal View Post
What a lovely picture - the feather detail is just awesome! And to get accurate focus under those circumstances is remarkable, excellent shot.
The focus was excellent in this image, so I am very happy! Thank you.

Originally Posted by danielchtong View Post

Awesome details. But the noise shown seems to be more than iso400 could produce. Would you mind if you can elaborate

Thanks Daniel for the comments and question. This is also why I prefaced my post with "I hope you think it makes the grade."

It's simply because it was very dark in that undergrowth in the bushes. I had no choice but to globally boost the exposure levels so the background noise showed up - it was very dark!. The details were very clearly there, no question, but noise was present. I refuse to do selective exposure changes on an image - it's simply "not natural". There are also ways of using layers, etc. to blur the background and keep the subject sharp but again it's a path I don't wish to follow.

That being said, I did my best to keep the feather detail while using DeNoise 5 to smooth out the background. Basically I'll never do edit work (convert from RAW) with an image unless the details are already in place and it's simply trying to overcome a disadvantage of the sensor. That's why I am very interested in the K-5 - any reduction in time in front of the PC doing work flow is always a good thing, plus the keeper rate should certainly go up for the types of subjects I photograph the most.

I was surprised at how well it did, but you cannot work magic on the sensor's limitations. Black areas with no data on the K10D is simply noise when exposure is boosted. The K10D is excellent at low ISO in brighter conditions, but not dimmer conditions. Therefore I had little choice but to leave some noise in the image since I didn't wish to lose the fine details on the subject. Always a compromise!

Yes, the system has limitations, but I'll never complain about it. I've learned a lot as photographer a result of knowing my camera's strengths and limitations.

Hope that explains things?

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