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Default Changing Light-Afternoon to Evening

Last set of my Oceanside pictures. This is a series of pictures that is about the light changing from late afternoon into evening.

Here's a picture that was taken when the light was starting to get lower in the sky, creating very nice side-lighting, with a pleasant tone and some softness to it. The other thing I like is all the reflections - the people are reflected in the water and the light is reflected off of the water onto the people:

Later, the sun getting low in the sky:

I actually like this other picture better overall than the one I posted here, but the one posted shows more about the light with the bit of direct light on the wave, while this one is just sand and silhouette: http://mtngal.zenfolio.com/img/s8/v9/p216842512-5.jpg .

A little later, the light changing faster now:

The last one I think is more a sunset picture than a golden hour picture. But I'm no expert on what the difference is.

The sun very low on the horizon, definitely sunset. More reds coming into play.

The last of the sun:

And now gone.

This sunset wasn't remarkable, the last time we were here the sunset was much more colorful. But it was a good one for watching the change in the nature/color of the light.

Well after the sun has gone, there's still light around - instead of the golden hour, I think of this as the blue minutes (a picture of Ruby's Diner, where we ate an early dinner so I could take these pictures):

Compare the picture above to one I took a little later, when almost all of the light was gone:

Artificial Light Remaining:

I'm glad for the golden hour challenge topic this month as it got me to think about the nature of sunlight more than I have in the past. It was really educational to take these pictures and really watch the changing light, rather than just snapping away at anything that caught my eye as the sunset progressed.
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I really enjoyed this series, Harriet!
Very nicely done.

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I particularly liked the (beach) shot just after the sun had set and the 'blue minutes' shot of Ruby's Diner.
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Very nice! I particularly like the shot of the three kids at play. The orange glow and their motions make it a very appealing photo.

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this is a very nice set Harriet. there were some really strong photos here. great time of day for shooting.
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beautiful series of photos, Harriet. You have a great way of utilizing your lighting to create some stunning shots no matter what time of day. No. 5 is my favorite
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The silhouette of the kids playing is a classic. Nice shooting.

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Dittos to the above. Thanks, Harriet
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Thanks for the compliments! I thought this series were overall the best pictures I took over the weekend (though some of the surfing pictures were my best surfing/sport type pictures ever).

It was a good weekend for me, a wonderful time for photography. I found that I was more focused on how to use light than usual, thanks to spending the month thinking about this month's challenge and how to exploit that light. It was a time of discovery, too. I highly recommend doing something like this, where you really watch the changing light, looking around for ways to use it creatively. It certainly helps to be at a great location, like the beach, but just about any place other than in a mountain valley would work. I know from long experience, that having mountains to your east and west blocking most of that wonderful light, makes things much more difficult.
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Another excellent series harriet! At first I thought #3 was my favorite, due to both the wonderful light and the unbridled joy of the children. But then I thought #7 offers such a serene mood, perhaps that's my favorite. Then I thought the lights and reflections in #9 are really nice, so maybe that's my favorite......

Since I can't pick a favorite, let me just say they're all great -- this is a very nice series.
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