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Default Disappointed with dust

I've had the k-x about a month now and for the past couple weeks I've had a constant dust spot.

I've done the dust removal "shake" several times and mapped the dust with the built in utility. I ordered the "Rocket Blower" and have used it several times.

Dust spot still there. I think I can see the speck when looking at the sensor with the mirror up.

I spoke with Pentax Support and they suggested using a "micro fiber" cloth and Very, Very, lightly touching the spot of dust to see if that may dislodge the stubborn dust.

I was somewhat surprised at this suggestion. So here are my questions:

Should I bother getting the one dust spot cleaned, or just clone out the spot until there are more? At this rate I'm thinking it will be before Christmas :-) I know it's a low blow... but I couldn't help it... :-)

What should I expect to pay for the cleaning? Should I send back to Pentax? Should I find a local shop? Are their shops that specialize sensor cleaning?

Should I consider the lens cleaning kit with the magnifier on B&H and try it myself?

Does anyone here have any experience cleaning the sensor beyond the rocket blower?


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get a sensor cleaning kit. It is actually pretty easy to use.
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its actually quite easy to do. buy some sensor swabs and solution and follow one of the myriads of tutorials online.

everyone is scared at first, but its really quite easy.
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Yes, I was a bit nervous about using the cleaning kit the first time, but it really is quite easy, especially if you have steady hands. Just be sure to work in a clean place, and be sure to have fully-charged batteries in the camera.
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I have the same problem and waiting for some len cleaning swabs to arrive.I find myself not even wanting to use my camera until it's cleaned...and it's fall here and I am missing some great colours..
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I had this problem with my K100D a few years ago. Sent it to Pentax to clean the sensor and they messed up the focusing. I ended up selling it after that.

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Can you guys recommend a sensor cleaning kit for Pentax K-X? I need to get it clean before I go to Canada.
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Never used a 'wet' sensor cleaning kit, only had a camera once cleaned at the shop (price 25$).

I've been using an Artic Butterfly (http://www.visibledust.com/) and have been more than happy with the results.

I do get some dust bunnies now and then and I do change lenses a lot so that's expected. Normally I clean my sensor once a month (depending on the mess I made) and that takes 5 to 10 min.
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