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Default Two questions

On the K7 last firmware update Pentax added a tripod level. It has a horizontal indicator, but no vertical indicator. I noticed the K5 has both. Is this correct? I have a mint 1.4 super Takumar screw mount lens, and was just wondering how you use this on K7. I think it would nice to use in low light situations. Is it worth buying the adaptor for?

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1.yeah the k5 has more levels same as the 645d
2.no idea about the lens sorry but i have a pentax-a 50mm f1.4 and its gorgeously sharp and super thin dof
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Hi Tony,

I think that the optical formula of the 50 f1.4s have all been pretty much the same from the M42s to the FA. If you don't mind the stopped down metering and fiddling with the adapter, then there's really no reason not to use it.

Personally, I don't use anything pre "A" series as I like to keep the process as close to the same as possible (I confuse easily), but a whole lot of people really like using the old M42s. Quite a few even get an adapter for each lens, remove the little leaf spring, and grind a lens lock slot into the base of the lenses that are wide enough so the adapter dismounts with the lens, but locks in place. I guess I don't do enough leisurely shooting to really appreciate them.

Even with the cost of the adapter, they are a great way to get into great optical and build quality in some very compact lenses for a comparatively small investment.

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I have the pentax 50mm 1.4 M and the super takamur 50mm 1.4 A

I like the build quality of the super takamur A better, (no cheap plastic rings like on the pentax lenses)
but aside from build quality they both produce pretty much the same image quality. They have slight differences in IQ as far as the blue fringing goes (youll notice subtly on both if you pixel peep) but I cant say one of them looks better than the other

I have comparison shots of all my 50mm lenses, was going to post it but its a huge project because I have so many. If you care to see the comparison of the 50mm M 1.4 and the super takamur 50mm a 1.4, just let me know

Even with having to use the m42 adapter, I would say the super takamur is superior because of build quality but otherwise theyre about same.

I have the 50mm 2 A and the 50mm 2 M and they are pretty much same lens cept the A build quality is slighty higher than the A version (but not as good as my super takamur 50mm 1.4 or 55mm 1.8 )

and I would say that buying the adapter for u is going to much much less than buying the pentax 50mm 1.4 A version

I actually DID have the 50mm 1.4 A version (yes I used to have 3 1.4's , silly I know)

But I sod it on ebay for 200.00, the other two sell for about 100.00 so I kept the cheaper two and sold the one that got me more money

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Thanks everyone. I'll check into the adaptor. It would be a pretty cheap way to get a fast lens. It will take some time getting use to metering, and focusing everyshot, but it may be worth it.
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