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Les, this is a great topic!

many of those mentioned here have influenced me as well, digital is an easy choice, my time available to photography fluxes with time allowed. but for me my big 2 are.

1. Inspiration/Critiques on forums, mainly this one. back in 2005-2007ish era the photo critiques forum here was ruthless. and that kind of brutal honesty really improved my photography. not only critiques of my own work, but in critiquing others. in a more glass-is-full way, inspiration from others work has really helped my own, many of them on this board.

2. Growing up on a farm. As you have noticed nature is always a focal point of my photography. and that goes back to my days growing up on my dad's farm in central illinois. appreciating nature and being part of nature was something that was always at the forefront of life, whether it was in the fields or in a duck blind, respect and admiration of nature and everything in it was just a way of life. i have since been in the city for school and now my career since then, but photography has given me an outlet to head back into nature when i can and appreciate those things that make up it.

(Les, i hope you don't mind I added a similar thread in the general discussion with a linkback to here for those that don't visit here enough, its just too good of topic to keep here alone!)

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This could be a new thread, but does anyone else feel that photography has made a positive change in their life? I can only speak for myself but i see the world around me in a way i haven't maybe since childhood. It's a wonderful place where even bugs are the coolest things and the simple joy of clouds reflecting on water is enough to make an evening. Hmm....I'm getting carried away! But you get the idea, I'm wondering if anyone else feels the same.

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I think the biggest difference for me was the realisation that what comes out of the camera isn't necessarily the final result!

Back in the old days I shot film and sent it off for processing, so no PP there. Eventually I moved to digital, first a 2Mp camera then 4Mp. But it was still a case of the jpeg on the card = the final result.

Then I bougt my dSLR. However, I still stubbornly refused to "indulge" in post processing. Seemed like cheating to me. However, the more I read (mainly on this forum) the more I realised that it's just part of the photographic process and has been used ever since the invention of cameras. In fact I started to believe that it's the PP that turns a snap into a photograph (sounds a bit pretentious!!!).

Anyway, now it's all RAW plus PP. Which is why I would love to find out how to make the time to do all the PP that's needed following a day out or, worse still, a holiday! Still, it's all part of the fun
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For me time dedicated to learning. When I left the UK to move to Egypt it also involved leaving my job etc so I've spent a lot of time looking at the work of others, I subscribed to an online training service by one of the top UK wedding pros and I've kept looking for ways to improve. The time has allowed me to shoot a lot more so it is not only the study of the photography but being able to put it into practise, see what works and what doesn't and move on.

So basically time and effort have been key.
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As a side note to this, I have tried, with several of my images, to get an image on the Pentax Photo Gallery, to no avail. I know this may sound a little shallow but I do feel that those of you who have successfully submitted images have reached a point that I have not. I have finally gotten the drive to try again and hopefully I can get an image that will have what it takes.

What I mean is that some recognition of success in the hobby can be a great motivator to do more and try harder.
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I think the biggest help to my photography was stepping outside my comfort zone - getting good, honest critique from people that shot what I shot, regardless of what system I or they shot with.

Doing work for newspaper and other clients - helps open up your mind that others have a different idea of "good" than you do - and it isn't always about technical superiority that we as photographers sometimes get hung up on - i.e. making the technically great, but boring photo.
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Not much I can add to this discussion. No question that this forum has improved my photographic skills considerably, especially when I see photos done very differently from the way I would have. My "comfort zone" is scenic landscapes. I'm not particularly good at them, but put me outside in a beautiful area, and I'll almost always put on a wide angle lens and try to take in the whole scene. I rarely take a close up of just one leaf, or an interesting texture in tree bark. You folks remind me that there are many other ways to see a scene.
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I'm still new at serious photography, but what I've learned from watching others is that photography is not about taking a picture of something. It's more about trying to understand or see something better through light and dark, color and patterns.
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Originally Posted by jelpee View Post
Good question Les! I concur that digital has made me a better photographer overall, although I think sometimes it has made me a bit sloppy since I can always have a do-over! The instant feedback has been valuable though to see what the camera sees. I've been making a point recently to take fewer good pictures rather than click away because it costs nothing.

What has been equally significant to me is the internet and access to forums such as this where you can learn from fellow posters (many who are much better photographers than I) and get their feedback. Used to be that you took your slides to the monthly meeting of the local photo club. Now I can get on line anytime and participate. The feedback as well as postings of others has definitely had a positive influence on my photographic skills!

Thanks, Jehan,

The internet, particularly this forum has helped me immeasurably. I'm not technologically minded and there have been occasions when something wasn't working right with my camera equipment...but...in my heart of hearts I knew it wasn't the equipment....but me.

I've posted the issue on this web and a number of people have jumped to my rescue...with what I need to do.

Back in the pre computer days...I would often just wallow...as it were...mired in my own ignorance.

BTW, thanks to all who have helped me out on this forum over the years.

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Originally Posted by shoturtle View Post
combat, and seeing enough of the worst side of the world. Cause me to really concentrated on the wonders and joys that the world has to offer. Change how I look at things. Got me to stop and look for the beauty that we can over look so easily.

Exactly Shoturtle. I have never been in combat, but I was in quite a serious car accident many years ago...fortunately all were ok.

But that incident...certainly made me painfully (for a bit) aware of how life is somewhat ethereal.

Enjoy it to the utmost.

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