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Default What has allowed you to make a significant, positive difference in your photography ?

The two top things that have made the biggest difference in my photography are...time...and digital technology.

I retired about 2 + years ago from a demanding career.

Lot's of demands in that career, as many of have in our jobs.

Being a father and husband, particularly when your kids are growing up, takes priority...as it should. I wouldn't swap those times for anything. However when your children ease into adulthood.....they have their own lives to lead and that of course, is natural and as it should be.

As a result, I found for about 30 + years I didn't have much opportunity to spend that precious commodity...time...on hobbies, including photography which has been more than a hobby, it's been a passion, more or less for the past 42 years.

Available time makes a big difference.

Boy has it made a difference. Time to spend on my photography...early mornings...sun sets...the golden hour.....before I was too exhausted....now I have time and the opportunity to go out to different venues, always with camera in hand and look for potential pictures.

We all have to work...well most of us anyway. But when the time comes, if you enjoy photography, consider retiring when you can...if retirement income allows.

We only have so much time in this world...put some of it aside to pursue your passions.

Digital....has made a huge difference. I can click away without worrying about film costs, developing costs....I can see what I've taken....make an adjustment and try another way....in the next few seconds.

It's made a huge difference in my photography....I'm no Karsh or Cartier-Bresson....but even with my limited skills...more time and more practice, more photography, more assessment of my work has made a huge difference in my photography.

Those two things have made a significant difference in allowing me to develop my skills....such as they are.

What has allowed you to make a significant difference in your photography ?

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Good question Les! I concur that digital has made me a better photographer overall, although I think sometimes it has made me a bit sloppy since I can always have a do-over! The instant feedback has been valuable though to see what the camera sees. I've been making a point recently to take fewer good pictures rather than click away because it costs nothing.

What has been equally significant to me is the internet and access to forums such as this where you can learn from fellow posters (many who are much better photographers than I) and get their feedback. Used to be that you took your slides to the monthly meeting of the local photo club. Now I can get on line anytime and participate. The feedback as well as postings of others has definitely had a positive influence on my photographic skills!

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combat, and seeing enough of the worst side of the world. Cause me to really concentrated on the wonders and joys that the world has to offer. Change how I look at things. Got me to stop and look for the beauty that we can over look so easily.
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I have to agree Digital and Time, I retired this year with lots of projects so not to much time for Photography yet but soon.


...It is better to burn a roll of film than curse the darkness. Equip. K30, Q7, DA PLM 55-300, DA 18-135, DA 35 f2.4, DA 50 f1.8, SMC-M 28 f3.5, SMC M 50 f1.4, Canon P&S S100 w/CHDK Beta, Panasonic DMC-GM5, Flickr:
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Although I retired in 2008 circumstances conspired against me and I ended up as a caregiver, which was more stressful than work.I felt so emotionally drained that I did very little (as those of you who know me may have noticed). My Mother is now in a protective care unit for advanced dementia, and I am back at work up here in Tuk. Strangely it is actually a bit of a relief and I am making an effort to concentrate on photography again.

I don't think I have made that step to the next level yet, I have the knowledge to but I don't think I have applied it yet, maybe this year.

I like these philosophical threads, it shows that we are above the equipment fetish and are truely looking at what we do as something which relates more to the inner spirit.
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For me time has never been an issue, I've always had plenty. So I'd say the two things that have made a positive difference are digital for sure and friends who will provide encouragement and positive reinforcement. It's easy to think you take good pics, but w/o the opinion of someone else it's impossible to know. I consider forums like this as an extension of the second thing, a place where we can all get the feedback we need to grow as photographers.

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Good topic! Time hasn't helped me at all - I have way too little of it (work full time, long commute). But I try to spend as much time as I can on my hobby (lunches, after I get home, weekends).

Digital has had the biggest influence. When I was shooting film I'd usually only take pictures for vacations - couldn't afford the film and development costs for experiments. The digital camera allowed me instant feedback and freed me to experiment with stuff I never would have tried with film. The more I played around with the camera, the more interested I got with photography in general (already knew most of the technical basics, it was the rest of it that I was clueless about).

The next biggest influence has been all of you and the critiques I've read, both about my pictures and others pictures. They always give me ideas, even if I don't always agree with everyone. But even if I disagree, it forces me to consider the other person's point and decide if there's something I've been missing. If I come to the conclusion that I still don't agree, I've usually figured why I disagree and that helps me understand more.
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I would say my time at steves has escalated my shooting skills ten fold. I used to be a sound guy (recording music voice over, video, etc.) and get photo jobs on the side. While this is still pretty much the case, I believe my photography skills have exceeded my sound engineering/production skills. I actually dont believe this isn't true, but with sound theres a lot more involved with sound, IE you cant make magic out of crap, whereas with photography you certainly can and it is definitely more in control of the photographer! I have a running inside joke with a friend that I could probably get him to hang trash on his wall. I believe with the right camera, lens, lighting condition this can definitely be true and I just may frame him something real nice his next birthday ;-)

Might as well take this time to thank everyone here at Steves for not only providing an enjoyable experience, but helping me push my skills and deciding how to spend my money. I wasted more money than I can count on recording/sound production gear before I settled on the right equipment that worked for me, selling pro gear used that was bought retail and going through about 100 mics alone before I settled on the 25 keepers I now own was expensive. If I did not have the help from you all, I would not be taking images on the level I am now, Id still be juggling equipment and trying to hunt for better gear. The critiques helped greatly, and I always am looking to improve my shooting. Thanks everyone
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Hi Les,

I'm going to agree with everyone who's answered so far, time, the convenience of digital, information on the 'net, positive reinforcement from friends and family, and the support, encouragement, and technical support from a great sharing Pentax photo community like this forum.

I've also regained a hunger for learning, whether it's about the technical or artistic aspects of photography, the gear involved, the digital tools for processing the images, or the subjects I like to shoot. There's just so much to learn. . .

This is a great subject for a thread here.

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No. 1 - Steve's
As a newbie here I can certainly attest to the Forum for a big step. I had been reading in this forum for a while before joining. I only joined when I finally decided on and purchased the kx, which I chose partly because of information gathered in this forum. Posting pictures and getting information from those who have more experience and talent is priceless. And as others have already mentioned, just seeing other peoples work, a different perspective, has opened my eyes. The monthly challenges force you to step out of a comfort zone (although I haven't entered, I have been doing them on my own).

I'm going with equipment for No. 2. My wife and I are on opposite sides when it comes to photography. She wants simple point and shoot. I want to have more control over my pictures and change settings as needed. Our pictures never looked great because I would have changed settings for my use, and it would mess up her point and shoot approach. I would reset the camera, but then I wouldn't get the results I was looking for. I put off this purchase for 6-7 years, it was finally time to purchase the DSLR. The kx has allowed me to "play", change settings, take more control, experiment, and has therefore made me think before I click. Because of that I am becoming a better photographer.
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