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Ok... I am that latest last.. can seem to get to the computer of late my older son up from Missouri has claim the seat.

I work with fibers I have been using a drop spindle to spin up the two large bags I have dyed a rainbow of colors with some other ends off the floor Loom which I save all the ends for using for such. I as well add in some sparkling man made fibers which is white and call Foxfire. so I have some very mixed up looking mass of fibers that are needing to be spun. I have my loom getting dressed for a blanket that my son is wanting to have before he goes home I am almost done with warping that in cotton threads. So Spinning and weaving . Reading was a favorite past time in Wyoming. I still read just not as much. it puts me to sleep now days. Sewing is next. doing quilt blocks as well now days. I can make rag and braided rugs as well as loomed.
I make home made items to add to the store bought ones for decorations at Christmas....using natures gifts... Sticks are made into stars with a bit o' hot glue and spray paint and ribbons.

I love working in my garden thought this last years was not so good.
I happen to have a messed up yard at this time and getting cleaned up so I can replant some trees and flowers is a day by day happening. Yard work never tires me but I sure can feel it. I do all the cooking and baking around this house even if they do not like what I fix.. cause they would rather have it out a box... I love putting up the berries veges or fruits and any meats .. though there is no hunters or fishers here...

Photography is what I do when I get out of the house or when I have completed one or more projects... If I have a chance to go hunting or fishing I'd do that.. I love target shooting... some thing some poor fellow would not like if they knew my shooting capacity with either a shot gun or rifle.... I took a corrections officers training but never pursued that as a job...while in the training had to do 8 hours behind the gun and heck the guys would really hate me if I were to have gotten a job and had to use the rifle or shot gun... I have showed off range during a time of target practice that I can manage better than the guy I live with... and can skin a hunt just as good as any one that has done it more than me.. those are what I do.. Life skills for survival.

I can read music and play my way the organ...Piano... I use to play a clarinet back in grade school. Would like to pick up the Sax and gain that one day... but I think I may not be able to blow as I use to.... due to my lungs getting weakened by the frequent colds that I get yearly.

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Originally Posted by lesmore49 View Post
Yep that would help Les. Maybe the comp's abit lower than it used to be also
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Default Lots of interests few hobbies

For me I am a gadget guy. Love looking and using gadgets. I could say camping and water stuff but I only do those three four times a year so calling it a hobby would be a stretch.

The biggest thing I do is collect music. I love to find and digitize rare music and share it with others. My latest find is an album by Siegel/Schwall called RIP on the Wooden Nickle Label. No longer in print. Just love it. Takes me back to my younger days.
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