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Default Besides photography...

Perhaps this isn't the place to do this, but I frequent this Pentax Board mostly because of the community here. Its always great to see what other people here are capable of and interested in.

I was wondering if you all might want to share some of your other hobbies that you do besides photography; art work, crafts, sports etc.

I am not sure if this will be deleted or frowned upon due to the non photography related post, but It would be interesting to see what everyone does when they aren't sitting behind the computer or the lens

I will start by posting a link to a song I recorded today, sorry its not done yet (no vocals and a rough master)


I did the guitars, bass, and drums, and of course recording/mixing/rough master

sorry I forgot to chop off the first 9 seconds of silence

Hope to see some other posts of your other hobbies

Take care

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Although I have long since sold it, the web page about my old Pontiac Fiero is still there: http://ironduke7.tripod.com/ I now own a 1999 Mustang v6 5 Speed and do more driving and less fixing.

Before you environmentalists get upset, I actually put only a few thousand miles per year on this car.

One of my other interests is writing but I have yet to try and publish anything, see the short story "Cars" at http://aicphotography.blogspot.com/

Riverview, NB, Canada
Current equipment
Pentax *istDS, K10D, K3:
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Olympus E-P5, OM-D E-M1: 9mm to 150mm lenses

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Nice, Nick. I have played guitar since 1975, but haven't picked one up in years. In fact, I sold my acoustic 12 string last year, so I guess I am done. Besides photography, I would have to say Bass fishing (fresh water), and even then I take my camera, I guess it's hopeless LOL Of course, I haven't actually BEEN fishing the last two seasons, so now I'm getting really depressed. Gee thanks!
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LOL @ Hawgwild !

I think I'm in the same boat.

Scuba diving - but haven't been for 2 years now.
Golf - but played my first round in 5 months two days ago (and only then because an old friend was visiting Shanghai and wanted to reminisce).
Travel - but it's becoming more and more expensive to visit the places we want to go (my sister lives in NZ now so that will be next year's trip and staying at her home will lesson the drain on the pocket).
XBox - I forgot this. Now and again I immerse myself in games. Usually lasts a week then I put it away for another 3 weeks before another stint.

I bought myself a sports car after 5 friends passed in a 6 month spell (all between 23 and 51 yrs old) so I don't miss out before I go ! I have fun in that (as much as you can driving in Shanghai where traffic, driving skills and roads are all awful) but am racking up the speeding tickets on the motorways !

Otherwise work and keeping up with visiting family & friends takes up a lot of our time (and money) !
Pentax : 15 Ltd, 77 Ltd, 43/1.9 Ltd, Cosina 55/1.2, DA*300/4, Contax Zeiss Distagon 28/2.8, Raynox 150/250, AFA x1.7, Metz 50 af1.

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have been square dance since 1982, calling since 1984,
and have always been a computer games addict, been playing hours of starcraft II lately.

for the rest its the normal stuff, traveling, family, friends.
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I just got back to scale models. It's not as expensive to start as photography but not far behind .
That's my first model after coming back to the hobby.

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Model Railroading and travelling for me. Must admit that the Model RRing is more seasonal for me (mostly during the Winter months where my basement seems like a good place to hang out).

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Besides photography???

Actually there are several things that ought to take my time (a bit like photography really) but as I've spent the last 20 years spending my Monday - Friday living in hotels in different parts of the UK, and even for a while in Paris, I have a ready-made excuse for not doing stuff - "I just don't have the time!" Obviously we'll not investigate that claim too closely

There are a couple of pastimes that are on my list of things to do:

a) Play guitar again. Difficult to believe that 40 years ago I was semi-pro and earned more at the weekend than I did during the week doing my real job. Have barely touched a guitar in the last 30+ years

b) Do something with my collection of Meloday Maker (a UK weekly music paper). I have from Aug 68 - Apr 77 so I'm sure there's something useful I could do with them.

One day ...
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Varies for me as I have a very short attention span, mostly:

Studying Japanese
Tinkering and taking things apart (usually camera related)

Most of the time I am doing things with my son, so I only get a few hours in the evenings to myself.
Pentax K-7
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I tend all the plants I have collected when travelling, now I have far to many flower pots for my own windowsills. So I have also claimed territory in the school. The windowsills in the teachers' and principals' offices are filled with my pots during winter (in the summer I can keep them outdoors in my garden). A hobby that is very appreciated amongst my workmates!

This is one corner of my livingroom. The plant in the foreground is from Colombia, when I took she shoot from the mother plant, it was the size of a Havana Cigar. I need more space!

Name:  IMGP5173web.jpg
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I also have some cockatoos and a macaw, the intention is to breed but so far with limited success, only one new kid on the block: http://forums.steves-digicams.com/pe...s-wonders.html http://forums.steves-digicams.com/pe...ould-tell.html

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