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Beautiful shots Mole. I can see why this place was GW's favorite!
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i have a photo of this falls from last fall up on my wall (i read that and felt like dr. seuss, but you know what i mean ) you know that you're awesome at photographing waterfalls, i don't need to tell you that, but what i like best about these ones is the way that you thought about framing the falls, especially with the last one, and the ones with the fallen leaves surrounding it. but, then, the third one on #3 is beautiful because you didn't try to frame it.
how about over christmas break? can we go here then?
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Originally Posted by Vole View Post
i have a photo of this falls from last fall up on my wall (i read that and felt like dr. seuss, but you know what i mean )

LOL, you gave me a big smile, Vole.

Life's a breeze on a Goldwing...
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I like the second waterfall the best. I see your exposure was about 1/3 of a second... tripod or no?
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Incredible shots - I always love your waterfalls. Such a pretty place, would love to come visit one day. In the meantime, I'll just enjoy your pictures. I really like your "close-up" of the falls, along with the one with the leaves framing the water. But all of them are outstanding.
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Old Nov 2, 2010, 7:31 AM   #16
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NMR - Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed the "virtual tour," and hope you will take the real one some time...

Tom - So glad you enjoyed them. That creek is full of "personality" at times of high water - very clean water and lots of interesting boulders.

Bock - Fairly long shutter speed, no multiple exposures. Have a cheap (manfrotto 785b) tripod that is not really strong enough for the camera, but works with a little coaxing...

Lou - you are too kind!

Patty - Thanks so much! Leaves make such a nice frame...

GW - Glad these brought back some good memories!

MtnMan - We are blessed to have many lovely waterfalls in this region. Not all as easy to get to as Margarette Falls. In fact, the forest service had to enlarge the parking area at the falls trailhead a few years ago, to accomodate all the hikers...

Vole - Thanks for your Dr. Seuss poem, and for your kind and specific comments. Will be glad to head up there again around Christmas time!

Biro - I can sometimes hand-hold steadily down to 1/15 second, perhaps a bit slower if propped against a tree. But these were indeed done with my little tripod (see note to Bock above)

Harriet - Thanks so much for your kind words!
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