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I have had my Kr for 2 months, in all my shooting I have not noticed the ff bug. I did download a focus chart and under incandescent light the camera when wide open with the kit lens at 18mm focuses about 12mm to front, at 55mm it seems correct?? The same with the DAL 55-300, at 55mm wide open it will ff about 50mm but at 300mm it is correct. Having said all this I only have one incandescent light in my home all the rest are compact florescent and I have no ff issues with those. Most of my available light indoor shooting is with manual focus lenses or flash so I really don't have any ff issues with my Kr. I did shoot the focus charts with my K2000 and it didn't front focus under incandescent light using the same lens and light source.


I was wondering what happened to your Kr thkn777, just noticed this thread, I'am glad you are now happy with your Kr

...It is better to burn a roll of film than curse the darkness. Equip. K30, Q7, DAL 55-300, DA 35 f2.4, DA 50 f1.8 DA 18-135, SMC-M 28 f3.5, SMC M 50 f1.4, Canon P&S S100 w/CHDK Beta, Panasonic DMC-GM5, Flickr:

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Yes, glad to see your focus problems have been resolved, and looking forward to seeing more of your great photos posted here soon!
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Try to focus the same object (or even a focus test chart) with the live view contrast detection focus and the normal (non-liveview) focus system. Are there any differences?

Anyway - if you are happy with your camera we shouldn't worry too much.

I had my first (somewhat important) photo opportunity this weekend and while I still browse and sort the photos I found some keepers already. I just hope it's not only the first impression

I'm a bit silent here in the forum at the moment, a lot of other things keep me busy. I'll be back in late summer or so (from what I can guess today).

Kind regards,
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