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Default Beach Revisited (and IR try)

This past weekend we went down to the San Diego Photo Expo (I did a separate thread about all that I checked out - had a great time). We spent Saturday night in Oceanside. I played around with a number of things Saturday night and Sunday morning.

First, one of my favorite shots, taken early this morning (shutter speed was 8 seconds) with the K20 and DA 55-300:

This time I took all 3 cameras and used the K100 with the R72 filter. The results surprised me - I keep forgetting that not everything does what you expect it to. First, I keep forgetting that cameras don't focus the same with IR light. It's not that noticeable with a wide angle lens, but the 77 Ltd significantly backfocuses.

Taken with the 35 mm - just an ordinary, peaceful picture of a beach:

The thing that caught me off-guard was the white objects on the water. They aren't birds.

They are actually surfers. I hadn't expected something that is black to reflect so much IR light, so that it would be so white against the dark water. The girl who's on the beach further away from me was wearing a very dark sweater, either black or navy blue. It's not so obvious in the b&w version, but the color version the two girls look like they were pasted into the picture. I think I'm going to try to include a person or two occasionally - IR does weird things to people.

I've been playing around with a trial version of Nik's new HDR software. I like how it handles sunset pictures - too often I have trouble with Photomatix being noisy for such pictures (K7 DA*300).

My other goal this morning was to try for a picture to use in this month's challenge I've got one that I'll post but this one was a close second choice (K20, DA55-300, 5 seconds).

The pier wasn't moving and the camera was on a tripod. I just pointed at the pier with the lens set at 55 mm and then zoomed the lens to 300 while the shutter was open - instant light trails.

The one above has the reflected light trails going the wrong direction for what I wanted (camera wasn't pointing the correct way to have them go down). I experimented a bit, and really like the bottom part of this one. Too bad the light trails end before the top of the frame, but it gives you an idea and I really like the reflected light (K20, DA 55-300, 1.6 seconds):

This next picture is actually a failure, but I found it interesting/instructive in a way. If you notice, in the pictures above, you can see the distant pier clearly, but the only thing that makes an impression while I'm zooming is the light. If you are taking a long exposure, a moving object has to be in one place long enough to make an impression on the sensor. In this picture, I zoomed too fast for the 5 second shutter speed and paused at 300 mm. You can see the ghost image of the zoomed in pier starting to form in the picture - kind of a neat effect in a way. The squiggles at the end of the light trail is due to the fact my tripod was on sand, not rock, so it wasn't the steadiest support and I knocked it a bit when zooming.

So I had a good time trying out a number of new things - new software this week, a experience taking IR photos at the beach (and of people) and having fun trying to get light trails. Add that to the education I got at the Photo Expo and it was an excellent weekend.
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It does sound and look like you had a great weekend. I so wish we had piers out here. I can't think of any at all. Maybe because of the storms we have. I don't know. Something interesting to check out.

Anyway, back to your images. I really like them all. It's interesting how the ocean IR's almost look like just regular b&w's. Although, when you see the one with the girls in it it's like they are sitting on a beach at night with floodlights shining on them. I think my favorite is the first of the pier shots. Although, like I said, I do like them all.

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The first pier shot is so cool. The way the lights also comes out the water makes it outstanding. Very nice.
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Old Nov 15, 2010, 8:10 AM   #4
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Excellent series...!

Love the experiments with zooming and light trails...
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Old Nov 15, 2010, 12:58 PM   #5
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Very interesting about the IR effects...

Also very interesting results of zooming while photographing - and some really nice results!

But my favorite is that first shot - wonderful mood & subtle detail...
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Old Nov 15, 2010, 6:13 PM   #6
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Wow, what an awesome series, Harriet.
Like patty said, I like all of them. I said it before, I guess I'm a little strange when it comes to what intrigues me in a photo. Point, I really like the the one you call a failure. the ghosting pier is a great effect!
Photo #1 is really nice. The one thing I find a little interesting is over an eight second period, the gentleman never moved a muscle and the ladies head is obviously a little blurry. So guess who's talking up a storm?

The IR at the beach are cool, at first glance they look like B&W with a heavy dose of contrast. I never would have guessed those were surfers if you hadn't told us but, after I looked at them again, I could see that's what they were.
You know what would be cool, is a close up shot of just the sand with out the water or any other identifying objects to give it away, you could make it look like a scenery of the Sahara desert with the hi contrasting shadows making it look like large rolling hills extending for miles. Maybe even cloning in a camel or two.

One last comment on something you said... quote - "IR does weird things to people." That all depends on how long they're exposed to it.

Life's a breeze on a Goldwing...
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Old Nov 15, 2010, 6:15 PM   #7
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those light trail shots are amazing - ingenious use of a zoom lens
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these are really nice.

but the first pier shot really really stands out here. one of the more unique shots i have seen in a while, and it really works nicely. excellent shot, that should be entered in contests for sure.
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Old Nov 15, 2010, 9:11 PM   #9
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Love those Pier light trails. Looks like a great way to create interesting effects.

I didn't find anything interesting in the first beach shot but as soon as the two girls were added in the second it brings a whole new perspective and interest level.
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Just an awesome series, I really wish the K-7 was more suitable for IR work as I have an R72 as well.
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