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Default ephotozine review of the k5

one of the first professional reviews of the k5 - for those already got one its a nice read make you feel happy about your purchase and for those thinking about it should be informative

sadly cant compare just yet - still trying to fiddle my finance to get mine
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Great review - thanks for posting the link John.
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There were a couple of very minor mistakes, I think (the Kr and K5 don't share the same battery, I think it indicated that they did). But obviously he likes the camera and the sample pictures sure look great. Sigh!
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I refuse to read it before I have the money in hand!

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Hi All,

The pro reviews are almost superfluous to my decision which has already been made. . . I'm getting one -- it's just a matter of when, and in what configuration -- just the body or exercise the LBA muscle and get the DA 18-55 WR kit. Either way, I want the Pentax extended warranty with the free checkup. Hopefully they'll offer it free again soon. . .

While I'm waiting for the right deal on the K-5, I've also found a new PP toy to keep my brain busy for a while -- Topaz InFocus -- a new deconvoution algorytm for sharpening, I just downloaded the trial and starting using it. First impression is that it's totally different in interface than my long-time default sharpener Fodus Magic.

So far, there's not much difference om output, But I'm just starting working out a new workflow usng it. So far, I'm seeing an advantage in ease of use, but did have to read the manual to really see how it's best to use it.

The biggest difference I can see is it's a bit easier for me to understand what the program's doing , and it seems that it makes the deconvolution step as separate from any unsharp mask contrast enhancement. My impression is that Focus Magic seem to combine both operations into one, so this program migh offer a little felxibiliy and control over FM's fixed percentage of application. I've redone the PP on a number of old shots and have come up with comparable results, with the edge to the Topaz Infocus processed images.

I'll bite on their intro sale price of $29 -- its a very sophisticated piece of PP magic for the cost. . .

It'll probably be a month before I really get to know the program and all the shortcuts I cah take to get to where I want to be. . .

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I read the test...really good...so far all the info and few tests have indicated that this is quite a camera. I handled one for the first time the other day at a camera shop, with the 16-50mm attached....I could not believe how fast...and quiet...the focus was in a large, not well lit store.

I've started talking to my wife about this camera...I think it may take longer then negotiating a Russian Trade Deal...but I wouldn't mind having a K5...even a year or so down the road.

But my K10D and KM are working fine, with not even a hiccup...hmmnn.

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Scott - I wondered how the new Topaz Labs program would shape up against Focus Magic. I've always been a bit unhappy that Focus Magic is only PC compatible. Since TL's InFocus is Mac compatible also, looks like I'll need to start working on hubby to let me spend an unexpected $30.

Now to get back to the original topic...
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