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Old Nov 29, 2010, 9:32 PM   #21
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I tend to "focus" primarily on scenic landscapes and occasionally, wildlife. I know that I need to expand my horizons and push myself out of my comfort zone into other subject areas such as people, architecture, macros, etc. But time after time, whenever I unload a memory card, I fund that the vast majority of my photos are scenic landscapes.
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It changes depending upon what the weather is like, what I feel like, etc. I do like architecture, macro, landscapes and wish I could do street photography. I've been wanting to experiment, but am afraid to try. Although, it's better than portrait photography where I have no idea how to pose someone. Either way both are a challenge for me.

So, not one in particular. Just depends.

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what ever stays still long enough
so birds in flight are few and far between
i like to play and experiment a bit too
looking for shapes in things from cars to building to flowers
rusty and broken stuff but then restored stuff too
sometimes i will collect things, rocks, shells, cans etc with photographs in mind
scenery too (grrrr on power lines though)
the list is endless nearly

the one thing i dont do much of is people
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Old Dec 1, 2010, 12:20 AM   #24
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Hi Les,

I'm a bit late to answer. I kinda figured everyone knows what I like to shoot, but didn't think I haven't posted much lately, and there are a lot of new names showing up. . .

I mostly shoot birds, but have added Jumping Spider macros as another fascination. I can't say that I really like shooting bugs, but the JS are just intriguing.

I have to have other interests to justify my large lens collection, so I'll shoot anything. Of these other genres, I'm probably best at shooting candids of people at parties and events. If I know the people, then it's great because I don't feel overly intrusive, and I can try to capture their personalities and character.

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Old Dec 1, 2010, 3:32 AM   #25
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For me my favorite subject has always been waterfalls. Since moving out to the NW from the Midwest I have probably photographed over 75 waterfalls, all of them different, all of them presenting their own challenges. Plus it is one of the few subjects where an over cast, drizzly, day is what you're looking for. Perfect for the NW winters.

Half the fun is hiking out and exploring the area in which they reside. I also enjoy the use of a tripod, neutral density filters a slow shutter speed and a shutter release. More gear I get to use the better Seems like I take my time more shooting waterfalls, and in turn it is a subject that allows for it. I love being out there alone with nothing but the white noise of the falls.

I like to get people in some shots to show the scale of some of the bigger cataracts, and provide for silhouettes when able to get behind them.

A few of my favorites....

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Old Dec 1, 2010, 12:19 PM   #26
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Wonderful shots of waterfalls. Very impressive.
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