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lovely series harriet. enjoyed the first five the most of all. my favorites being 1 and 2!
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Quite a varied thread. Lots to see and all well taken and processed.

I love architecture photos so the window shots are my favorites.

I admire you for taking all the pains to post process your photos to the extent you described. I feel it takes me to long as it is and I mostly use levels, curves, saturation, sharpen and now with the K7 am forced to use Noiseware on just about everything I shoot.

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I like all the shots, especially the warped reflections and the colorful tree. I recognized the rebar immediately, and I really like the stark juxtaposition of a beautiful colorful tree right next to a construction site. I assume your building codes require that new construction be "earthquake-proof", or as close as you can reasonably get. Large structural columns don't get half that much rebar here in the east.
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I'm glad that others outside California like the first two.

mtnman - you better believe these buildings are as earthquake-proof as they can be. This building will have a total of 9 stories, though not all sections of it will have all floors. There's tons of rebar going into it. Everything that's going to be hanging from the ceiling will be braced, large items seismically anchored and so on. Even much of the old construction around work has been seismically upgraded, the rest will be upgraded or replaced as soon as funds become available somewhere (always a big issue!).

Lou & frogfish - I've played around with Detail enough to know what settings I use most often. Now I have an action in Photoshop set up to automatically copy the layer that's selected, convert it to a smart object and then apply the settings I like in Detail. Since it's a smart object, if I don't like them I can double click on the Detail part of the layer and make any changes I want. So it only takes a few seconds for the computer to complete the action and I still have the option of making changes if I want to.

I can't do that with DeNoise since each picture is so different in the amount of noise/noise reduction it will need. I may set up an action for InFocus, something similar to my Detail one as I found I was using similar settings. However, I still haven't totally become comfortable with it quite yet and those settings might not be as universally acceptable as they were when I was processing these. I'm also not going to be using it for all pictures, only ones that are a little soft.

I use Lightroom mostly for levels, curves and any cropping (really like LR's crop tool). It seems like it's faster that way but that could be perception more than reality. I like how I can play around with things and don't have to delete anything or revert if I don't like what I did (also like being able to make virtual copies and play around with totally different settings, being able to compare them side by side). I only rarely add saturation to a picture, and usually wait until I get to Detail to add it (that's my last item before the final save, I use it instead of other sharpening tools). With Lightroom I also have the ability to adjust the saturation of just one color, something that I've used on occasion.

I'm not at all good about adjusting color balance by pushing the sliders in LR. On the other hand, I love the photo filters in CS4 and find the 3 warming filters quite useful. I wouldn't want to do without both LR and Photoshop, though I can (and have) functioned perfectly well with PSE by itself.
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a very interesting set of images
the first 2 look a bit flat to me, but i prefer the zooming in on the second one
the 3rd one is cool with the different angles and the twisted reflections

i am guessing that the tron image isnt a painting but a digital print, likely on banner material that can be welded together into one big image then fastened into tracks on the wall (i print stuff like that for my job the largest i have printed is about 10 x 30 metres) maybe he is touching something up on it, but he sure gives it a sense of scale and makes for an impressive image

the seagulls look really out of place, here their natural habitat is cricket pitches and rubbish tips

can flame pictures be cool
these ones are
(thinking about it, it has been years since i have seen a flame in real life)
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An interesting variety - it shows your talents in a variety of ways. Keep experimenting - it sharpens your skills, which have become considerable.
If life brings you lemons, you can make lemonade.
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I sure do like them all. The red tree and rebar is outstanding my personal favorite.
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Quite an assortment of subjects there. I like the second "waves" one and the flames. And, the red tree one is just what I did a few years ago. I had taken a photo of some trees into the woods, but when I got home it didn't look anything like what I saw and tried to capture. So, after processing to what I remembered I ended up with this. So, I do like yours. It's a shame they will be covering those trees with a building.

Attached Images
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Thanks for the compliments! Patty (hope you are feeling better) - that picture is quite lovely, and really incredible colors. The tree I pictured will still be visible from other places (it's in a therapy play area/garden). It's just that I won't be able to see it from where I was standing. They really do try to keep trees and other growing things balanced - if they cut down trees for construction, they'll put more trees in either on the site they built on or on another site near by. And everything is landscaped with plants, flowers and so on. There are all sorts of lilies spread around, grass where it makes sense to have it, and vines when they want to cover up an ugly fence or wall. It makes for a very pleasant place to wander around during lunch.
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