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Default European cars

continuing on from the car show i went to months ago
some European cars
a Lamborghini Espada and a Ferrari

old MG

E type

a Daimler

a good old Morris 1000

with a Vauxhall and some new minis beside it
i have more on my site
with photos of badges and bonnet ornaments plus some interiors if you want to have a look
plus some from a previous meet
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Nice series John
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Hmm, I strictly told the guards not to let any photographers through the gates and to and my western parking lot.

Honestly, even though I'm in no way obsessed by cars these pictures make me drool...

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These are nice, I really like the MG.
My daughter bought a new Mini in 2000. she got the big engin with the turbo charger.
She let me drive it to work one day... I couldn't believe the performance of that thing!
I told her I could never own one because I couldn't afford the speeding tickets!

Life's a breeze on a Goldwing...
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That is a simply gorgeous shot of the MG !

I had an MGB as my first sport car way back in .... oh 1976-78 I think, my GF loved it too as she used to drive it all the time ! Funny that 30+ yrs later I've returned to my youth and we bought a sports car again now we are empty-nesters !

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In the first picture those are two Lamborghini and then a Corvette and a 1969 or 1970 Mustang. The car behind the Espada is the replacement for the Urraco, I think it was called the Jalpa. The Corvette is a mid to late 1970s model since it has urethane front bumpers.
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Like that Diamler SP 250....only seen one before. Also that old Morris...a neighbour had one.
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Nice series of threads you have been putting up on the cars. I have collected a number of things over the years, but fortunately cars are not one of them! I am perfectly happy with our 5 year old Volvo and 15 year old Subaru, thank you!
If life brings you lemons, you can make lemonade.
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John, I love these old car posts, yours here are particularly nice.

My best friend had a black Morris Minor and seeing the white one brought back a lot of memories for me.

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thanks for taking a look and all the comments
you dont know how cheap it was to bribe you guards Kjell lol
GW the new minis are supposed to be pretty good, but they are not real minis, to big for my mind (and made by BMW i believe) but they still look pretty good
i liked the MG too, a very classy looking car and well presented as well
i monoed (is that a word?) it because of distracting colours behind it and it seems to have worked ok
what kind of car is yours FF i dont recognise it
thanks for the correction Monza it looked like it had the yellow Ferrari logo on the bonnet, but when i zoomed in on a different photo i could see it was a Lamborghini logo, i dont profess to know a lot about cars, i just like taking photos
the Daimler was a surprise, from a distance it like a triumph or something, I have never seen one before
a 15 year old Subaru?, it wont be long before that will be a classic car
glad i could bring back some good memories Lou
that what i like about photography

sorry it took so long but its been a hectic month
thanks again everyone
now its back to work, lunch went to fast
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