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Hi All,

Thank you all for the congrats!

A brief update -- I received the K-5 around 5:30 PM. Of course I had a fully charged battery and a newly formatted memory card ready before I even cracked the box.

First thing I did was test for the stain, and there is none. With a serial # in the 3909xxx range, I was pretty confident that there would be no defect as it seems that it was pretty much limited to 38xxxxx numbers, and not all of these. There was some dust on the sensor though, but it was easily cleaned by 4 cycles of the dust removal system.

I quickly checked AF accuracy with my most used lenses, and they all seem to be right on the money. I then went through the set up drill for the camera.

The rest of the time, I've been experimenting with the high ISO, to see how far I can push things with different PP combinations and camera settings. I have a whole list of things to try. A lot of them require daylight, so the way the forecast looks, it'll be Fri before we get some sun, as we'll likely get snow until then.

I'll post my observations in another thread, after I've had some more time to play. . .

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Originally Posted by rhermans View Post
We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious.

Congrats with your new toy, I'm sure your gonna like it.

Ha ha - and an image of Golum comes straight into my imagination and how sooooo accurate both the image and sentiment are

Congrats Scott !

*dies a little more from jealously*
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Congratulations! Hope you enjoy it immensely - and post lots of photos taken with it!!
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So far my sales resistance is stronger that yours! Knowing you, when you start posting it probably won't stay that way too much longer!
If life brings you lemons, you can make lemonade.
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Congrats on the new Tool. Use it in good health. I hear you about testing for the infamous stain. I took my share of test shots too. I am very thankful mine did not have the problem. I'm also glad to hear you got a good copy as well. Your going to really like it.
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Congratulations! I hope you enjoy it.

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You know it's going to be good, Scott. DPreview just called the K-5 one of the best APS-C DSLRs on the market today. Congratulations!
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