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Default The K-5 will be mine -- very soon!!!

Hi All,

I've been monitoring K-5 prices for the last couple of weeks, and decided that my "trigger price" would be at $1400 shipped. At this price, I could buy the Pentax 2-year extended warrantee (that includes 1 free checkup/adjust/cleaning which alone pays for the extended coverage at $99) and still save $100 off MAP. I've only been watching the top tier of internet sellers like B&H, Adorama, Amazon, and Newegg as they have the best reputations for customer service.

Yesterday afternoon, the Amazon price dropped to $1383. Even with 2-day shipping, it was under my trigger price, so I ordered it. Though I received an immediate email order confirmation, I didn't receive a shipped confirmation until after 12:45 AM this morning, long after I assumed they could ship, so as of last night, I was resigned to waiting another day. . . or the possibility that they would pull the order since the price jumped back to $1536 less than an hour after I placed the order.

When I checked my email this morning, I got the shipped confirmation (at my price), and the estimated delivery was today!!! I checked the tracking, and indeed my package was out for delivery -- so soon the K-5 will be mine HAHAAHAHAHAHA. . .

BTW, I am aware of the potential "sensor stain" problem that has been a big topic of discussion on other fora. It seems that they've determined that this is being caused by a defect in the AA filter glass (bubbles), and that Pentax has taken some steps to keep defective sensor assemblies from being delivered to customers. I'm not concerned. . .the defect usually is only practically apparent at f stops smaller than f11, and that's about as small as I usually go because of diffraction issues. . . but of course the extra sensitivity of the K-5 sensor might change that. . .

I'm assuming that mine won't exhibit the stain, and if it does, but it's not apparent at practical apertures, I'll just shoot it over the holidays, then send it for repair/replacement after that -- while I'm still hibernating. . .Plus Amazon has a very liberal return policy, which I understand has been extended to Jan 31 for any products purchased during the holiday season. I feel that my back is covered. . .but, of course, I hope I don't have to resort to any of these remedies. . .

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Congrats on your K5 and the very good price.

I still have my old K10D and newer KM (K2000) and as wonderful as they are....I would love to have a K5....hopefully in the future.

I'm sure that many of us on this forum look forward to your assessment of the K5, once you have had it for awhile.

However I have it on good authority that come Xmas...I may find a Pentax W90 under the tree....waterproof, shockproof, etc..proof...not a bad little camera for a P+S.
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Good for you Scott! I'm being cheap this year: I'm going to try to hold on until the K-5 body drops below $1000. I realize that could be a while but my old K200D still has quite a bit of life left in it.

Les... post outdoor, indoor, bright light and low light pics with that W90 if Santa is good to you. The W90 looks to be the most rugged of the rugged P&S cameras. If real-world image quality is reasonable that could eventually go on my list.
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Scott, Sounds like Santa is making an early delivery to your roof-top today!!

I am eagerly looking forward to your usual detailed review! Even though I do not shoot Pentax anymore, a piece of my heart still belongs to "her"!


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I am really happy for you, Scott!
I'm hoping I get enough back on my taxes this year so I can get one too.
It might mean a divorce... but hey, ya gotta have priorities. Right?

Life's a breeze on a Goldwing...
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We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious.

Congrats with your new toy, I'm sure your gonna like it.


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Well, hurry up and get it - I'm looking forward to your write-up about it, and how you find it. I would have ordered yesterday if I had had the money, but no such luck. I'm just about resigned to waiting until spring before I can get one, had hoped for January, but it's not looking good.

Have fun with it, looks like an awesome camera. From what I've read, it looks like Amazon has new, good stock. And I've also read that Pentax is replacing any that are faulty without problem. Sure wish I had the money...
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Congrats! Looking forwards to your report, which I for one will put more trust in than the "professional" reviews.

I'm waiting for the meeting point, the price point where the dropping price of the camera meets my slowly increasing savings. They aren't even close at the moment.

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Yes, as others have already said, many of us on this forum are not in a position to buy a K5 right now, so we''l have to enjoy yours vicariously. Please be sure to share your impressions and your photos!
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Congratulations Scott, anxiously waiting for your usual fine and detailed review.

This is a model I will skip as the K7 is fine for me for a while longer. Having the K100D and the k-7 on occasions where I know I will need higher ISO I pull out the K100 and that solution meets my needs for now.

Good luck and happy shooting with your new camera I can feel your excitement.

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