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Your sunsets are incredible, I'm always partial to shots of them. But the mushroom pictures are what I find most interesting - definitely odd to see them covered with snow. Really the whole set is wonderful. While it's sad to think of such a beautiful animal like a deer not making it but it looks like other animals (or birds) ate well for a while.
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Hi mole,

A really great series!!

The male Cardinal closeup is outstanding. Your birding work has reached a very high level, IMO.

I think that this series is a very good example of the high level that you attained in many photographic genres and this is a rare and significant achievement. You are truly an outstanding all around nature photographer, and my hat's off to ya. . .

. . . and we are very lucky to have you posting here!


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Beautiful colours and great shots, just shows how tough life can be.

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Old Dec 30, 2010, 11:33 AM   #14
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Mole, these are indeed spectacular shots. The Cardinal close up and the sunsets are calendar quality shots.

My personal favorite is the second snow caped mushroom shot.

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Old Dec 30, 2010, 1:47 PM   #15
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I love your 'Tours'. Something for everyone here and some great shots of birds, sunsets etc. I do feel sorry for the Carolina Wren - looks so forlorn, do hope it survived.
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Hans - Thanks so much! Cardinals are indeed pretty birds, and also pretty cooperative for this impatient photographer!

GW - So glad you enjoyed these. Too bad your camera wasn't around when the warbler came to visit - must have been quite a sight!!

Harriet - Thanks for your kind words! Yes, the deer was "lunch" for a number of scavengers - we saw tracks and signs of vultures, racoons, coyotes, and small rodents nearby...

Scott - You are too kind! Thanks so much for your very kind and humbling words, and so glad you enjoyed these...

Rodney - Indeed beauty and difficulty often go together...

Lou - Thanks so much!!

Kevin - So glad you liked this "tour." You'll have to come to East Tennessee someday and take some real tours!
PS - The Wren was fine, just perching on the front door, waiting his/her turn at the bird feeder.
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