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it's always the question if you want to jump some bandwagon or not. I think a mirrorless camera could serve as a "door-opener" for Pentax as some people look for such a thing right now. Other than that... there is still a "click" when you snap a photo AND you have to actually hold your camera, so a body of good size is needed anyway... it's a fancy concept geared towards mass/consumer market and the big companies will put up a good fight against a smaller company like Pentax. I'd think twice before I'd bring out something like that.

I'd love to see good/better cameras and lenses from Pentax rather than a mirrorless system. Two lines (K-r/K5) are enough. Improve shake reduction, give a good (tracking/3D/whatever you call it) continuous AF, stay at standard rechargeables and GIVE ME a battery grip for my K-r already, darnit!

Extend dynamic range and especially highlight performance/recovery, give a better D/A converter (more than 12 bits) and stay away from plastic mount kit lenses without a sunshade but with abysmal wide-open performance instead .

I don't need a video mode in my dSLR. I like the live-view option because it's easier to focus with it in difficult situations - but it would be even better with a swiveling LCD screen.

Sorry, long post.


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