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Magnificent series, great job

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Nice work,!

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TH, these are great images any one of which would make a great wall hanging in a nice frame. Nice work and great narrative.

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What a wonderful series! Also some really good work. Congratulations!

Sarah Joyce
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Old Jan 21, 2011, 1:38 PM   #15
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Thank you! Yes, #5 is one of my favourites, too - but #6 is more smooth (like in a more calm feeling)... I couldn't declare a clear winner amongst these two - that's why I posted both, even if they look quite similar.

That's what I thought too for #7 - there is a special something in that image for me, although it might not be that eye-catching as #6 for example. It says "city" more than some other images. Unfortunately the cathedral towers were not lit as there are ongoing repair works. I'll take your kind words as an encouragement to try that again and get better (a fair amount of the images I took went to the trashbin actually ).

@rhermans, Goldwinger, mtclimber
Thank you! For some reason series like that are not my strong side... but this time it worked well and I think I learned a lot!

Yay - glad you like them! I thought I could choose one and order a somewhat bigger print and then use it as a present for an upcoming event. #2,3,5,6 are my candidates for this - but I didn't make a final decision yet. I just fear they come out way too dark - probably I have to choose some real good paper to be on the safe side... also I was thinking to cut down vertical size a bit to give a panoramic feeling.

Thanks again for watching and giving such nice comments,
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A super series I like #5 the best, it's a very dramatic image

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