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Originally Posted by JohnG View Post
I would avoid DP Review Pentax forum if I were you then

It is certainly true here at Steves though - the Pentax forum here is a very friendly photography-based forum.
I guess there is an exception to every rule
Riverview, NB, Canada
Current equipment
Pentax *istDS, K3:
FA 50 f1.4, FA 28-70mm f4, Tamron SP 70-200mm f2.8 Di, DA 10-17 f3.5-4.5, DA 14 f2.8, DA 16-45mm f4, DA 18-135mm f3.5-5.6 WR, AF-540FGZ

Olympus E-P5, OM-D E-M1(X2): 9mm to 150mm lenses

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My experience seems different than the American experience.

We have a number of really good camera stores in my city of around 650-700,000. They pretty well carry all camera makes....including Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus Panasonic Lumix, Sony etc.

They generally have the full range of camera bodies available at all the stores , a good representation of lenses and flashes.

At last count we have:

  • two large Eastern Canadian based, Camera stores (chain)
  • Three large Western Canadian based, Camera stores (chain)
  • Local camera store...been here for eons...great place
  • One large Western Canadian based Drug store chain-great camera dept.
  • One Eastern Canadian based mall type camera store- just ok
Since Nov. 2007 I have bought all my Pentax camera equipment within the city...never have used internet firms.

Stuff I've bought new:

  • Pentax K10D body
  • Pentax KM (K2000) with 18-55 kit lens
  • Canon G 12 camera
  • 55-300 mm lens
  • 16-45 mm lens
  • 50mm Macro F 2.8
  • 50mm F 1.4 normal
  • 12-24mm wide angle
  • 10-17mm Fisheye
  • Battery grip K10D
  • Pentax 360 AF flash
All the above was bought, simply by walking into four of the different camera stores listed above, paying my money and walking out with the new equipment from their in store stock.

Two exceptions.

My 50 Macro + 12-24, had to be brought in...took about 3-5 business days as I recall. Think they were brought in from Pentax Canada.

The stores match prices of the lowest price in Canada, as long as the store has an address and the price is in print.

I have no reason to shop online as the bricks and mortar stores have the stock, give me great after sales services and competitive prices.

I have read a lot about the American situation and I don't know why it is different from my experience in Western Canada.

It's different here.

I originally got into Pentax in '68, when the publisher of the publishing company I then worked for...told me to make myself more useful and start taking publishable pictures. He told me to buy a 35mm SLR...either Nikon or Pentax. I went with Pentax (S1a) and I used it as a tool of my work, for the first couple years. It had a hard life, never failed me.

Well it failed me once. I was in Saskatchewan taking pix for the company...had been outside with the S1a for a couple of hours...temp was around 30 below...shutter froze. I took it into the warm hotel room, let it sit for an hour....shutter thawed out and it worked well.

I've also continued to try to 'be more useful'.. through life.

I've bought Pentax SLR, DSLR equipment since then...quality, durability, reliability were the reasons.

When digital came out....I hemmed and hawed a lot. Would I stay with Pentax or go to Canon or Nikon.

I looked at the Nikon 200D, the Canon 30D...both wonderful cameras.

Then the K10D came out...weather sealed, robust, winner of a bunch of awards back then, read reports...after that I bought a K10D.

I've been very happy with it.

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John - So that other place's reputation for controversy and has reached even your (non-Pentax-owning) ears? I lurk there on occasion but far prefer to hang out here, we're a friendly bunch. As far as equipment oriented discussions, I love them if they are helpful and informative. We have some of that here, there is a lot of experience that hangs around here.
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I second what JohnG mentioned earlier about the other forum. I have gone and joined other forums and it does vary. I still have my Pentax istDS with 50mm 1.7 FA and Tamron 28-75mm 2.8 XR Di Macro. It does sit more on my shelf though compared to what I use now. I can't/won't part with it though.
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Let me chime in with an opinion from a ex-Pentaxian re. the forums. While I very much enjoy the pictures that I'm getting with my non-Pentax major brand as well as the tremendous availability of high quality (albiet pricey) lenses and accessories, I miss being able to post images on the Pentax forum here at Steve's. Definitely a friendly bunch...which is why I still visit daily. For a while I was two timing (using my K10D), but swapped it to support the new habit!

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Originally Posted by tony3dd View Post
I completely understand why people go for the other brands ...
One of the reasons could be that the professionals tend to use Canon and Nikon. Therefore folk just assume that they are the best. Never mind that the pros spend a small fortune on the cameras and lenses. So a lot of folk, when looking for a dSLR, choose something they have heard of. When I finally took the plunge and bought a dSLR (the Samsung GX-10) I had a Pentax film camera with a 28-200mm zoom. So part of the incentive to buy Pentax was that I already had a lens (except it never worked with the GX-10!!!) but I also did a lot of research before parting with a lot (at least, it was a lot to me) of cash. And Pentax looked like a good choice - and it was!

So, no regrets from me that I didn't follow the fashion (just like when I bought my first mp3 player it was an iRiver and not an iPod as the iRiver was better!). And at least Pentax have continued to develop their range of camera. The K5 looks like a fantastic camera.

Oh well, keep doing the lottery

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G'day all

To respond to the OPs original thoughts ...

Originally Posted by tony3dd View Post
You would think that Nikon, and Canon were the only manufacturers of cameras in the world......
We have the same nonsense downunder, here in Oz
Every shop, every chain-store photo display is full of CanNikons and few others - being Px, Oly & Sony mainly

One time I was talking to a local store owner and he inferred that it was to do with the different pay for the camera arrangements between the wholesaler & the retailer - the CanNikon arrangements being pay-upon-sale whereas the others were pay-upon-receipt. I am unable to verify this - the conversation was just a few throw-away lines amongst lots of other stuff - but if true, it would make a heap of difference to what you would stock on your shelves if you were in the business

Regards, Phil
Has Lumix mirrorless & superzoom cameras and loves their amazing capabilities
Spends 8-9 months each year travelling Australia
Recent images at http://www.flickr.com/photos/ozzie_traveller/sets/
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