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Default Pentax K7 and Wireless Flash (metz 58)

Ok, trying out the wireless feature with the K7. I have a Metz 58 and I'm setting it to be a wireless slave. Question i have is the built-in flash required to fire in order for it to work or is there a way to keep the built-in flash from firing? Basically I want to use the Metz flash only without the built-in. Thanks in advance!


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the built in flash need to pre flash to get the ttl data to the flash. I think you can have it pre flash only and not burst at the same time as the slave going off. Not sure exactly with the k-7. Remember the preflash and main flash are firing off so fast that you can't tell that it is actually 2 flashes pulses at different times.
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My understanding is that, if you set the pop-up flash to be the "command" flash, it sends a trigger to the main flash without affecting the overall light. I also think you can set it up to work as a full flash in conjunction with the off camera flash. As ST pointed out above, the pre flash is necessary to transmit the pTTL information. Once again, this should not affect the actual exposure. FYI, my experience with this was with the K20D; presumably the same is true with the K7.
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The only flash I've used is the 540, but yes, you can set the camera so that the on-board flash is command only and doesn't supply anything to the exposure. However, it will go off twice very quickly - once for the preflash and once to trigger the wireless flash. But it isn't bright enough to add anything. This is how I often use my flash wirelessly, and I know it works the same way on the K20, K7 and K5 (may have on the K10 but don't remember).
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Hi Maverick,

You need to setup #31 in the Custom Menu to "Off" (#2) so the popup flash acts as the Controller. The popup fires to signal the remote to get ready, then the remote fires to confirm. The popup fires to signal the remote to fire for the metering preflash, then once more to trigger the exposure flash. In Controller mode, only the remote external fires while the shutter is open (in synch with the shutter), so only the last flash contributes to the exposure. In Master mode, the popup flash also fires in synch with the shutter and contributes to the exposure.

You may have to synch the external flash with the body to make sure they are on the same channel, set the external flash to wireless, and set the flash mode on the body to wireless in the flash menu ("down" button on the 4-way controller). This last step is the one I always forget if I haven't used wireless in a while.

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