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Default Red-winged Blackbirds

One in Wakodahatchee, one in Green Cay Wetlands.


Sigma 150 500mm HSM
Attached Images
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Wow. Number 1 in particular is very striking. Nice series.
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Really beautiful, one of my favorite birds because of the amazing contrast in color. Those pics are very sharp. Didn't anyone tell you that you can't get pictures that sharp using a Sigma lens!!! :-)
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Excellent control of DoF Ed...aaarrgh...me needs that 150-500 for my aviation photography!
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Nice catch in #1 - you have to have pretty fast reflexes (and little shutter lag) to catch one with his mouth open like that! Judging from the brown edged feathers on his back, this is his first Spring as an adult, so he will have to be able to find a more appropriate perch to mark a better territory in the future - older birds usually preempt the best ones. Maybe next year!
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# 1 and 2...just great. Very hard to get the good metering and exposure on such a dark, black bird.
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Hi Ed,

Very good captures!

Around here, these guys don't give me too many opportunities to get this close, but I have a bunch of decent shots of them, so I don't give them much attention. At one of the Nature Centers I visit, they dominate the feeders most of the season, but if I get within about 40 feet, they are gone, and lurk in the trees, complaining a lot, then swoop back down once I move on. The sparrows, finches, cardinals, and others take advantage of their absence and come by to grab a relatively undisturbed meal once they've gotten used to my presence ( I stand pretty still for long periods of time). The best RRBB opportunities that I usually get are when I'm in the car in wetland areas with cattails bordering the road.

This reminds me -- I've got to visit an area where I've seen distant Yellow Headed Blackbirds in the past. I never did get any good shots of those guys.


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Great shots of a gorgeous bird!
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Very nice pictures! I love these birds, they are so striking. They are supposed to be common around here, but I rarely see them (they are very good at hiding, for so striking a bird). However, last year I got a whole series of a pair around a small pond. The male got drenched at one point while trying to mate - it was really funny to watch.
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Well done! I have a hard time capturing these guys as they are really skittish. We have a lot of them in my housing area, but they don't sit still very long.
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