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Originally Posted by mole View Post
Soon before we reached Hump Mt, the camera quit working entirely (perhaps some circuit overheating in all the bright sun?), so I can't show you the amazing views from this high grassy bald. You'll just have to come hike it yourself someday!

We did come home from the hike safely, and found some very good news photographically, which I will share in another thread.

Hope you enjoyed a last few photos from the K-M, as well as the high country hike, and that you will share your comments & critique!
Sorry to hear about the K-M. It still recorded beautiful photos right up to the end. I like them all, but am especially drawn to the open vistas and layers of mountains in the distance. Your photos have inspired me to add East Tenn. to my list of "places to hike". Thanks for sharing your spring colors.
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Sorry about your Km. I still use mine when I need a small light weight camera package. I use it with a Sigma 28-105, a surprisingly good, light lens, when shooting skiing with a chest harness and river paddling, wrapped in a plastic bag, of course. As always, great shots.
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Your photos are as usual stunning. The KM and you seem to be photography team made for each other.

What are your photographic plans....equipment replacement, or if possible repair .....options ?

I have two DSLR's a K10D and a KM. I love the KM for it's abilities, but more for it's light weight.
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All the shots are as usual great, what happened to the Km


...It is better to burn a roll of film than curse the darkness. Equip. K30, Q7, DAL 55-300, DA 35 f2.4, DA 50 f1.8 DA 18-135, SMC-M 28 f3.5, SMC M 50 f1.4, Canon P&S S100 w/CHDK Beta, Panasonic DMC-GM5, Flickr:
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The camera was good to the end. These are lovely pictures, I especially love your flowers - what incredible variety! I'm very envious of them since this year has been so poor out here.
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You just can't keep a good camera down.
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A really lovely walk along the trail with you Mole ! What are your replacement plans for the Km ?
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Tundraguy - So glad you enjoyed the vistas. Be sure to let me know when you come visit - will be glad to give you directions to some scenic, photogenic places...

Pboerger - Km is indeed a fine little camera. Mine began working again after it cooled down the next day, although some functions still not working (flash, manual focus,,,)

Les - Glad you liked these photos - thanks! Am still learning the K20d and hope it will serve for some time...

Hans - It hit the rocks of a small stream up at Little Stony (when I slipped on a slick one...)

Harriet - We continue to see an incredibly rich & diverse spring flora this year - will post some more soon.

Ira - Thanks!!

Kevin - Glad you enjoyed the hike. Got a K20D at an incredible price, and am still working to figure it out...
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