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Default Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Dump

Yesterday, as we were taking a load of junk to the dump (spring cleaning), a funny thing happened. Imagine this conversation:

Photographer wife to long-suffering husband, who's driving: "Do you have any plans tomorrow?"

Long-suffering husband: "No plans, perhaps a quiet day watching hockey? What do you want to do?"

Photographer wife: "Go take pictures with my new lens."

Long-suffering husband: "Figured that, where do you want to go?"

Photographer wife grabs cell phone, logs into a particular website not expecting much and is amazed by availability where there hadn't been any for the week. "How about Bass Lake?"

Long-suffering husband: "Go for it."

So we called, booked the unit and 45 minutes later found ourselves (after dropping a second load at the dump and the recycles at a recycle center) on the way to Bass Lake, Sierra National Forest and Yosemite.

We didn't have all that much time in the national park, but it was still well worth the drive. The waterfalls are outstanding this year, very full. These pictures were mostly taken by me with the K5, but one was taken by Dan with the K7 and DA 55-300 (his favorite lens).

#1 Bridelveil Falls:

#2 The force of the water is just amazing!

While the primary focus for this trip was the waterfalls, there's other massive things to see in the valley.

#3 El Capitan:

Clouds kept coming in as we were there. By Sunday morning it was heavily overcast and a bit rainy.

#4 Everything was much greener than it is around our house - very beautiful, with tiny waterfalls where they aren't normally.

#5 Yosemite Falls. The interesting thing is that one autumn when we were there the waterfall was completely dry - no water at all. It would be hard to believe it could ever be dry when it looks like this.

#6 Closer up:

#7 We weren't alone - the park was very crowded. It was not raining when I took this picture, though you wouldn't know it from the soaking these people were getting.

#8 This is why they were getting soaked. I wasn't about to venture that far into the spray with a brand new lens!

#9 I didn't take my tripod with me, but I did try one slow shutter speed shot. It was impossible to get the whole waterfall, but I tried with this little cascade.

#10 We stopped off at the tunnel view vista point before leaving the valley. I was still amazed at how much water was coming down Bridelveil Falls also, and how the spray spread out over the tall pines.

#11 Final View. This is a 2 shot panorama taken with the FA31. Most of the shots posted were taken with it, though not all.

It was a wonderful day, I never tire of visiting Yosemite.
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That last should go on the wall, a lovely series, 2 and 3 are my other favourites, the lighting on that rock is beautiful.

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Great series. I wish Yosemite was that close a drive for me. We would have drive across country and that just wouldn't make for a very easy fly by the seat of our pants day trip. Thank you for bringing it to life for me though. We'll get there someday.
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I've been to Yosemite once and it has got to be one of the most beautiful places on the earth! Your shots certainly attest to that! Excellent work!
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You got some great shots, I agree the last one should go on the wall. I also think 4 and 9 are among the best.


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Pretty awesome shots!!! Wow, really good work here. Thanks for sharing these.
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Yosemite is one of those magical places that's not quite believable, even when you are there, seeing it with your own eyes. It's a particularly good spring for the waterfalls - we had a lot of snow, and as you can see, there's still quite a bit of snow in the higher elevations.

Mike - there are lots of interesting places along the east coast that I'd love to visit, some day when I retire. So it works both ways.

Glad others like the panorama, I was very happy with that one when I saw how it came out. It's only two shots but I thought Photoshop did pretty well matching it all up.
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Wow - what a place ! Some really lovely shots do it justice. Is The Dump the name of one of those waterfalls ?
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Wow, what an amazing story: I started going to the dump, and ended up at Yosemite. Those photos are astounding. I also like #3 very much -- El Cap looks really majestic. I also agree that the last one deserves to be blown up to about three or four feet wide. I wonder if you could tweak the pano in post processing to make Half Dome just a bit more prominent. I love the brooding storm clouds, but if there were a way to make HD stand out just a bit more from them, I think the image would go from breathtaking to even more breathtaking.

By the way, I'm guessing your husband isn't suffering all that badly.
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Loved my visit to Yosemite several years ago and your images (so beautifully captured) makes me want to return soon! I visited over Mother's Day weekend as well and all of the falls were at their peak. Your timing was excellent.

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