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Welcome Amy, on my K2000 I shot RAW+ Jpeg as the jpeg engine was not the best, now with my Kr (should be the same as Kx) I find the jpegs to be great and shoot mostly jpeg. I shoot raw+ when I do requested shots for someone or the annual portraits of the grandkids. I do my pp with elements 9 cloning out unwanted things, straighting, panos, red eyes, lighting, etc... Once you see real improvements to a favorite image it won't see like drudgery. For the price Elements is great as many have already stated

I also have an old A 50mm 1.7 and M135 f2.8 that I use when things get dark, at the camp fire etc...I leave the camera on auto focus and the in focus indicator helps with manual focus. With the M lenses you just have to meter when changing views and watch your iso as auto iso will not work.


...It is better to burn a roll of film than curse the darkness. Equip. K30, Q7, DA PLM 55-300, DA 18-135, DA 35 f2.4, DA 50 f1.8, SMC-M 28 f3.5, SMC M 50 f1.4, Canon P&S S100 w/CHDK Beta, Panasonic DMC-GM5, Flickr:
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I guess I'm in the minority here in that I shoot raw only for the most part. But then all of my photo origanization is done in Lightroom and I use it for global things like adjusting levels (light/darks), contrast (curves), white balance (if either I or the camera goofed), cropping (I prefer LR's cropping tool to the one in Photoshop) and any other lens correction issues. LR is pretty quick and very easy to use for such things, and it doesn't make any difference to the program whether you are shooting raw or jpg - everything is done the same. I shoot raw for the most part, because there's sometimes additional information that gets compressed out of the jpg. If you made the same mistake in a series of shots, the corrections on all shots can be syncronized with one of them by one command (sync). I can also scroll through all the pictures quickly, deleting those that have obvious faults (blur, incorrect focus, etc.).

For many shots I'll spend only a few minutes in Lightroom, export to photoshop to resize and add a bit of sharpening, then save. On the other hand, I've also spent hours on some shot, if it somehow captures my imagination for some reason. But then, I enjoy watching something come alive that wasn't there before and like processing photos.
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Hi Amy,
I see you have gotten a good response so, I don't have anything to add except, you have found the best place to hang out on the web for learning and sharing everything Pentax. Welcome to the forum, and be sure to post all the cool photos you capture with your new camera!

Life's a breeze on a Goldwing...
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Thanks Goldwinger! Seems like a great place and very informative so far. Glad I found this forum!

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