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Originally Posted by hnikesch View Post
I love electronic computerized toys, have several GPS units, lots of computers, e-book readers, smart phones, cameras, mp3 players, etc... and I do geo tag some of my images using flicker but for some reason am not attracted to a on camera GPS. Some of the new P&S cameras offer in camera GPS and my first thought was do I want all of my images GEO tagged, I don't think so. Some of everyones images end up on the net having a GEO tag may not be wise especially grand kid shots. Maybe I am just paranoid.

You would not want to have pictures taken around home geotagged, but on a trip it would be useful for later reference. I don't know about p&s cameras, but the Sony a55 has a menu item which allows you to turn it on or off with one click as you choose. The Pentax unit has some novel features, but still strikes me as an afterthought - the downside is that it occupies the hotshoe. If it doesn't catch on, the k5 replacement may have it built in to meet the competition, as this is an increasingly included feature.
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For me, GPS is most useful when documenting location of rare species (and when travelling much distance off trail!) But would never have thought to include the coordinates in the EXIF data...
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I'm surprised that you hadn't explored geotagging, it would make keeping track of things easier. My way of geotagging is accurate enough for my purposes, because a 30 second difference in location isn't critical. However, for documenting rare species the location would need to be as exact as you could get it. Something like this would make enough of a difference for you that it would be well worth it.
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